Wednesday, August 26, 2009


a "Multi-Verse" is a UniVerse of Biblical proportions.

the TOE (theory of Everything), sometimes referred to as symmetrical superstring theory, is a human attempt to describe the Unlimited All -- and doing so by using our own limited senses and our own limited perceptions and our own limited communication methods.

:0 oooooops!

by definition, our "theory" (or theories) will be limited.

it's fun, so long as we don't take our own theories too seriously. ..after All, humans (since the beginning of time) have proven that we don't know all that much, so maybe we can just sit back, stop thinking, and:

(re-Cognize, experience, feel, embrace, In-Joy)
. ..All
...or something like that

* galaxy picture source unknown. ..please help me with the citation on this. ..thanks, -len


  1. It's fun, isn't it, knowing that all that great expansive gargantuan universe is really just little chemical and electrical signals in the brain. Mysterious, awesome and beautiful.

  2. :)

    instead of "multiverse," we could call it:

    * the Fun-i-Verse, or
    * the Play-Verse, or
    * the Drama-Verse, or
    * the whatevertheheckyouwantiVerse, or...

    ...second-Verse, Same as the First!

    (and on, and on, and on...)