Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IP-19: fall 2009 wellness program

for those of you who are participating in the fall (2009) wellness program, my (sample) daily tracking chart is provided at the following link:

participant chart (microsoft doc 9-3-09).doc

wellness (daily) tracking chart, phase 1 (9-4-09).doc

* note that daily weigh-ins reveal fluctuations, cycles and other clues to helping us become increasingly self-aware.

* note (again) that this simple chart reflects only one aspect of the physical component of the program. ..wellness is a Holistic construct that embodies body-mind-Spirit.

iceberg model of wellness
when perceived as an iceberg:

1. the body component is that which is seen, above the surface
2. the mind component is that which is seen and unseen, below the surface
3. the Spirit component is that which is Unseen. ..it acts as a "base," and encompasses every-thing

when we think of the Whole self as an iceberg, it becomes apparent that the physical self is the outcropping, the result (if you will) of all Spiritmindbody activity. ..what we are measuring (in a sense) is the outcropping of that Wholeness.

so, while we can "chart" tangible results like weight, we re-Cognize that we are soooooooo much more than that silly little number that pops up on the scale. ..that number is our servant, a tiny bit of feedback to support our Inner journey into deeper Awareness.

past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts and information.

00 august..... weight reduction (wellness) program-1.doc


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