Tuesday, August 25, 2009

happy birthday, jerry!

happy birthday, jerry!

august 25th

who dunn it?


  1. Happy Birthday, My Love!

    We're not the same age any more...(heehee!) But don't despair. I will catch up to you again in 352 days.

    It's been an excellent roadtrip to maturity with you! Here's looking forward to another half-century or so traveling together!

    I Love You bunches!
    xoxoxo, me

  2. Dear Jerry,

    I don't know if you're a hybrid, or if it's the multiple personalities...
    ...but ever since i've known you, you've filled several roles: coach, brother, friend, brother-in-law, my sister's Love, my father's golf-buddy, etc., etc., etc.

    I enjoy observing your journey, and we (in the 'neau) are lucky to have experienced you in our lives.

    You've served honorably in the Navy, you've been a great husband, father, and grand-father.

    You've made it a life habit to "get up and go" to work every day, grateful to be able to provide a good life for those who you Love, including my parents.

    Thank you, brother,

  3. Happy Birthday Dad, We love you!!! Have a great day!!

    Love the little Dunn's

  4. Jerry,

    I've heard so much about you and Clare over the years - and all the stories were about how great you two are - and they were all true. I loved spending time with the both of you. Have a great Birthday and many many many more!


  5. Thanks to all with the messages. This has been a journey of love and fun with a few challenges thrown in that makes us all want to "perseverate" on our chosen and unchosen paths.

    To Clare: Always my Rock, Best Friend, and my Life's Partner.
    Life with you is always an adventure.

    Len: Your unique sense of life and Wonder always keeps us guessing.
    You have always been my Brother, Mentor, and Student in Life.

    Rob, Jen, and Maddie: you guys make me proud to be a Parent and Grandparent. I look forward to going on more Adventures with youse Guys.

    Jean: Good meeting you on this last trip with Len. We had a great time and can't wait till we meet again.

    Thank you all
    Husband, Brother, Dad, and Friend

    oxoxox, JD