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funnel vision

----------------note: for the Nondual bretheren, this post pertains to life in the dual world.

funnel vision

by nowyoud think wedgetit

funnel vision (filter)
funnel vision (Fun)

funnel vision (limitation)

funnel vision (One)


* funnel vision (like tunnel vision) allows us to filter out large amounts of potential data -- in order to better focus on a tiny portion of that which is available.

* interestingly enough, our experience becomes that which we sense/assimilate.

question: why does this even matter?

1. humans have quite a bit of choice over what we decide to view, smell, taste, hear, feel and think. ..our experience (if we lived in a world surrounded by infants, nature & Love) would be completely different than one surrounded by violence, pollution, & fear.

2. imagine using funnel vision with a goal (e.g. "drinking more clean water" as a wellness practice). design, an increased focus on water-wellness would result in a filtering-out of toxic sense-ations, and Higher-Level Wellness would simply be a factor of how funneled our vision was.

3. the Law of Attraction isn't mysterious, it's my-story-us. ..we get more of that which we focus on, and we get less of the other stuff. is important to note that this works in the positive and negative, which is why there is a major difference between:
  • focusing on "wanting to lose weight," vs.
  • focusing on "becoming leaner, lighter, and more flexible"
if we focus on "wanting to lose weight," we might actually gain weight (because we'll get more of what we focus on, which is "wanting to lose" it). ..thoughts of "want" attract more want. addition, our bodymind's survival mechanism doesn't react favorably to restrictions, resistance and denyAll.

sample mantras:
i consume consciously; i eat/drink mindfully;
i eat & exercise in accordance with my perfect weight;
i shop for healthy, whole, natural foods, therefore:
i am leaner, lighter, and more flexible every day.

imagine "funnel vision" during a supermarket shopping experience. ..would there be a difference between the shopper whose funnel consisted only of the outer "U" versus the shopper who paid attention only to the middle of the store?


* for more on how the Law of Attraction works, click on the link (below):

the "power of thoughts" essay is vitally important to "getting" this post, and
fun-da-mental to understanding many of the other ideas put forth on this website's blog.

epilogue: the above thoem, funnel vision, uses the final line to hint that even our separate, small, individual, tiny worlds are One.

maybe the
Uni-Verse (First Cause, the All, Oneness, etc.) Is Vision, and maybe each one of us is like a little funnel, allowing for an infinite number of apparently separate experiences.

it would be as if
the Universal Is could tune-in to an infinite selection of channels, shows, sit-calms, plays, and experiences while Being Free from any thought that any of it was Real.

wouldn't that be Heavenly...

it would be as if
the One could Be the many, and could (moment-arilly) become lost in the most fantastic virtual-reality tell-a-vision avail-able.

* funnelnote: at this, the dual-world level, we assimiate strongest when we "shut down" external data and funnel on only one thing. ..when watching t.v. or sitting in front of the computer, the human bodymind is often a vegetative, void, blank slate, extremely open to picking up whatever messages are placed upon the screen.

questions to self:

what's new, in the news? ..does the message favor fear, or love?

2. what is the primary message of all commercial advertisements?**

3. what have i been channeling lately?

4. what are my kids channeling?

* graphics by microsoft clipart.

* other references:

** answer to question #2: commercial advertisements of all kinds provide us with the same negative, erroneous message, which is:

"you are not okay as you are, and if you purchase this product, you'll be okay-er."

if there is a common theme to the blog, it is this:

"You are Perfectly Perfect, just the way You Are."
(Now... is there anything that you would you like to experience differently?)


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