Saturday, August 29, 2009

happy anniversary, brian & ashley!

august 31st

happy anniversary, brian and ashley!


happy birthday, cat!

happy birthday, cat!

august 30th

cat & joe's wedding

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


a "Multi-Verse" is a UniVerse of Biblical proportions.

the TOE (theory of Everything), sometimes referred to as symmetrical superstring theory, is a human attempt to describe the Unlimited All -- and doing so by using our own limited senses and our own limited perceptions and our own limited communication methods.

:0 oooooops!

by definition, our "theory" (or theories) will be limited.

it's fun, so long as we don't take our own theories too seriously. ..after All, humans (since the beginning of time) have proven that we don't know all that much, so maybe we can just sit back, stop thinking, and:

(re-Cognize, experience, feel, embrace, In-Joy)
. ..All
...or something like that

* galaxy picture source unknown. ..please help me with the citation on this. ..thanks, -len

Oneness, 1-Oh-1

in a mathematically Perfect Uni-Verse, one can stumble onto classes like Oneness 101.

if you click here, you'll be linked to an amazing article entitled "the Universe is made of math." ..this mathematically grounded article links with other musings that justify the existence of parallel Universes, within a Multiverse.

in a Big Way, it's All... a-Musing

* this just in, from silvi. ..below, click the "play" button for some interesting mathematics. ..on the back end of the show, the author (diramar) takes a few liberties with the alphabet, but the math portion is self-evident.

happy birthday, jen!

happy birthday, jen!

august 26th

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IP-20: fasting 101

slow [1]
by s. lowe

the expert preached of “fasting” (as if he was in the know)
but big results came faster when we started going slow


* instead of going on a 24-hour fast, we can stay right Here and try slowing.

* "slowing" is the process of really, really paying (extreme) attention to every aspect of the eating process.

how to slow:

turn off the t.v., shut off the cellphone, and get centered. ..maybe light a few candles. ..act as if your food was something that you'd dedicate complete attention to. ..focus on the colors, the scents, the sounds, the textures, the tastes, and the extra-sensory energy associated with this delight-full snack.


[1] martineau, l. (4-28.1-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009

click here, for a quick take on "going slow"

IP-19: fall 2009 wellness program

for those of you who are participating in the fall (2009) wellness program, my (sample) daily tracking chart is provided at the following link:

participant chart (microsoft doc 9-3-09).doc

wellness (daily) tracking chart, phase 1 (9-4-09).doc

* note that daily weigh-ins reveal fluctuations, cycles and other clues to helping us become increasingly self-aware.

* note (again) that this simple chart reflects only one aspect of the physical component of the program. ..wellness is a Holistic construct that embodies body-mind-Spirit.

iceberg model of wellness
when perceived as an iceberg:

1. the body component is that which is seen, above the surface
2. the mind component is that which is seen and unseen, below the surface
3. the Spirit component is that which is Unseen. acts as a "base," and encompasses every-thing

when we think of the Whole self as an iceberg, it becomes apparent that the physical self is the outcropping, the result (if you will) of all Spiritmindbody activity. ..what we are measuring (in a sense) is the outcropping of that Wholeness.

so, while we can "chart" tangible results like weight, we re-Cognize that we are soooooooo much more than that silly little number that pops up on the scale. ..that number is our servant, a tiny bit of feedback to support our Inner journey into deeper Awareness.

past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts and information.

00 august..... weight reduction (wellness) program-1.doc


happy birthday, jerry!

happy birthday, jerry!

august 25th

who dunn it?

Monday, August 24, 2009

reiki for drunk hummingbirds????

you simply cannot make these stories up...

this post gives new meaning to the term "crash a party."
above: the hummingbird is camoflaged, hovering to the right of the feeder,
in the lower-right corner of the photo.


a few minutes ago, i was cleaning up the porch when something that felt like a big bug hit me on the upper back -- before thumping down onto the deck. ..i looked down to find a gray-green hummingbird, sprawled out, & more than a little-bit dazed.

now, i try not to judge these things, but he did look as if he had recently packed-on a few extra ounces. addition, he (apparently) had not yet recovered from a very looooong night.
if you've been keeping up with this blog, then you know that i recently bought a hummingbird feeder. also know that an "alpha male" has been quite terror-torial in his quest to protect his sweet nectar from all of the other hummers.
let there be no doubt: alpha gets more than his share.

anyhow, i picked the hummingbird up off of the deck, and placed it in my palm. ..he was alive, but he looked a little "disoriented." .. i remembered a story from a friend of mine (priscilla) who once gave reiki to a dying sparrow, only to have it revive. ..she can tell you the story of how the sparrow came back to life, flew out of her palm, circled the area twice, and then returned and landed back on her shoulder.

editors note: the link (below) is meant to provide reiki music, as you read the rest of this post.

anywaaaaay... i gently gave alpha hummingbird some hospice reiki because it appeared as if he was dying.

after a few minutes, he seemed to come around, and then clumsily fluttered back up to the birdfeeder. ..dude was groggy, for sure, but he kept gulping down shots of the sugar water. ..several times, it appeared as if he was losing his balance. ..he'd cling his little hummingbird feet to the feeder, then he'd flutter off & back a bit, then he'd flutter forward and stumble onto the feeder. ..(quite strange)

having been around my share of parties (including yesterday's pool party) i began to think: "is this bird drunk?"

about that time, he just flopped into the mid-section of the feeder, face down. ..i didn't want him to fall (3 stories), so i picked him out of there and gave him several more minutes of reiki. ..he became more energized, and once again he readied for takeoff. ..with a little more zip, but still unstable, he flapped up to the feeder and took a few more slugs before staggering/fluttering away, into the trees.

...and i mean into the trees, leaves, etc...

i quickly went online and googled "hummingbird" and "drunk" to find that:

.....1. white sugar should be used in the sugarwater birdfeed mixture (oooops, i'd used "sugar in the raw," which is unrefined, brown-ish sugar)

.....2. in hot weather, the sugar can ferment, which can transform your casual birdfeeder into the local hummingbird saloon.

so now i've got a party of sloshed, gregarious hummingbirds, buzzing about the firewater-ing hole, tying-one-on while alpha male sleeps one off!

my question to you: is this possible?
does brown sugar ferment more quickly than white sugar?
do birds imbibe?
did that cute little female hummingbird just slip me her business card & cellphone number?
-am i legally liable for what these partybirds do, once they leave the pub?

and, finally ((sorry, but i really, really can't help this))...

should i open a tweeter account?

more to follow, in the strange world of wIe.

in the meantime, if you have any suggestions for the name of my birdbar, feel free to pass them along.

suggestions so far:

* birdbrains (a brewery)
* home, sweet Home (a bed & breakfast and hospice-transition bar)
* flutterkicks (fowl pub and karate club)
* wicked uncle lenny's
* hommmmmmme sweet hoooooohmmmmmmmme (yoga, meditation, microbrews)
* quick foul buzz (a sports bar)
* "that one's for the (little) birds"
* aim high, then crash (slogan for the charlotte hummingbird air force association)
* lenny's lounge, birdbath and Spirits
* the hover on inn (a landing pad for helicopter pilots)
* brown sugar
* hummer's homemade healthy hummus & humble handiwork
* in-flight enterain'tment
* 'neau way out (restaurant and labyrinth)
* (crash) landing
* wings & sweet things (a gift shop for aviators)
* one more for the road (skybar & cafe')
* wing and a prayer (deli and chapel)

...and on and on...


Sunday, August 23, 2009

"dog days of summer" pool party

as you know, we had a quiet little get-together at the pool, yesterday. ..since my camera is having "issues," jim casey was the photographer of the day.

left: the party gets started as bobby delivers the
water aerobics book & dvd

over 30 years ago, bobby's ground-breaking research
was instrumental in convincing
the united states army
to conduct physical training in running shoes
(rather than combat boots).
hundreds of thousands of soldiers who will never meet him
have bobby to thank for not having to needlessly
punish their ankles, knees and hips.

below: tami, lenny, dale

below: the united states army physical fitness school staff (-)
re-united after 26 years
currently, bobby heads FitForce, which is a company that facilitates police force fitness, and
dale is the founder of faith and health connection

left: marie and lori

.....................................below: bruce
above: dustin & melissa

left: jim, telling a story and challenging the group to meet up in the florida keys after Christmas. ..will YOU be there?

.............................below: sonia
...............................................below: let the trash-talking begin, baby!below: jim presents sonia with a birthday
(cup)-cake as paula enjoys the show

.....................below: tami, lenny, marie, lori

..................below: the goddess (melissa)
.......towers over the artistic man of passion (dustin)

below: dustin, melissa, tami, jim, marie, dan, lori

.......below: silvana

below, top to bottom: life-coach dale, sweet silvi, sassy sue,
tantalizing tami, and bashful (?) bobby.

right: birthday girl sonia
makes a wish

above: sadly, all good things must come to an end...

____________________(flashback) the invitation_________

you :)

.....we'll have massage people, yoga people, fitness people, education people, art teachers,
master gardeners, helicopter pilots, and cool reverends -- just to name a few.


it's a "no worries" pool party,
to celebrate:

* my brother jim's visit, and
* sonia's birthday (3 days ahead of time), and
* an engagement (dale & janice)

please bring a healthy food to share. ..we are planning a smoothie demo, and a water aerobics session. ..gas grills are provided, for your grilling pleasure.

the indoor pool (left) is connected to one of the outdoor pools.

it doesn't matter if 3 people show up, or 23. ,, just good, clean FUN!

* ladies, jim is rich!
-for the definition of "rich" click here, and
-to determine if you are rich, click here

where: reafield village apartments (east pools - indoor/outdoor)

important location note:
when you come into the complex, the pool is up the hill... the right -------> the right ------->

follow the signs that say "indoor pool & recreational area."

when you see this view, go to the right (again), and come around back.

to the right

since it is an apartment pool, and since other residents might be there at 2pm, please bring a lawn chair or two (just in case).

BYOB, but please, Please, Please read the post entitled
"the Ultimate Ripple" (click here)
prior to the party.

when: saturday, august 22, 2:00pm to 7:00pm (...ish)
water aerobics session: 3 pm (the indoor pool is 4 1/2 ft. deep, which will probably make it an "adults" class)

how: by being ready to laugh, sing, hug, play and dance the day away!

see ya,