Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One, Everlasting Moment

22 july.... one everlasting moment (2009).doc

* picture of honeymoon beach, fiji, by l. martineau, november 2008.

* post inspired by no one in particular.


  1. Thank YOU, no one, whom i've never met, never seen, never touched, and never heard.

    Thank YOU for Be-ing "no one in particular," which is incredibly significant...

    ...beyond that which our apparent minds could ever comprehend.

    imagine a world where:

    * no one cares, and
    * no one lives, and
    * no one cries, and
    * no one communicates, and
    * no one can understand you, and
    * no one brings out the best in you, and
    * no one loves you...

    in this imaginary world, no one is the Alpha and the omega, and no one isn't hard to describe, Be Cause S/He is i'mpossible to describe...

    here... and NowHere... Nothing, yet (no) "One for All."

    your brother, len