Wednesday, July 29, 2009

montgomery ward

alternative title: "i can only imagine"

when i was a kid, my family joked about the idea that our neighbors must have thought of our house as the "martineau mental institution" (m.m.i.).

we were, uh, a tad loud.
how loud? (you can only imagine... :)

well, my #1 girl friend jean montgomery became a martineau on the 3rd of july, and i'm going to become a montgomery (again) this weekend when we visit pennsylvania for a major montgomery family extravaganza.

if jean's family is still as crazy as mine, maybe m.m.i. and montgomery ward will form a corporation.
those of you who follow this blog are aware of the post entitled "happy marriage," and on that post, jean commented that one of her favorite songs is "i can only imagine" by MercyMe.

jean had this song played at her father's funeral, and she wants it played at hers.

so, jean, from all of us to you, in memory of GREAT memories; in the belief that there's more to Life than just this earth-bound experience; in the way that Spirit cannot really be described in human language... but maybe It can be felt.

so jean, here's the youtube version of your song (by alwaysforgiven821):
"i can only imagine."

Love, len

* note: even though the producer of the youtube video (above) included a couple of graphics that are a bit out of my comfort zone, and even though words like "worship" don't seem to mesh with the concept of Oneness, it is very easy to resonate with jean's strong Connection to this fantastic song.

* maybe there's a meaning, behind the words that we human Be-ings use in our feeble attempt to communicate with each other.

* maybe there's a feeling, like an understanding of the symbology of certain Truths, like the Undying Love that is Known by those who have experienced death and dying.

* maybe all of this is an exercise in futility, but:

i can only imagine...

* "happy holler days" drawings from a home-made Christmas card by the extremely talented joe martineau. :)


  1. Have fun and be safe! Wish the Williams were coming along for this ride!

  2. Hey, Jude!

    Jean is here, and we just got a Greek Pizza at Harris Teeter. We came back to the house, sat out on the back porch, sipped wine, had dinner, and solved all of the world's problems, again and again and again.

    The Bean-Bean is now in bed, sleeping on the fine aero-bed that Willy & you gave to me last Christmas.

    Tomorrow, we drive. My mission is to support, and (maybe) to stir up a little mischief in PA.

    Pictures will follow.

    Wish "youse guys" were here,
    Love, Len