Thursday, July 23, 2009

mind, alter-ing

although mind-altering substances can be a major problem...

...often, the problem isn't the mind-altering substance, but rather the stuck-mind that resists change, in a world where change is the very fabric of the process of life.

life itself is a process, and minds are meant to be changed.


of course, this could simply be an altered mind, using The Law of Attraction in an attempt to tempt other minds to alter, thereby creating a Unified Alteration.


whoa.'s time to stop thinking...

* notes: before we get into our own little prejudicial worlds, it is important to note that mind-altering is a way of life. ..we change our states, via coffee, music, dance, meditation, prayer, artistic expression, exercise, touch, and numerous other state-changers.

question: is the continually altering mind a backwards-reflective clue that Divine Mind is Changeless, Complete, Whole, Infinite, Eternal, and True?

what thinketh you?

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