Tuesday, July 21, 2009

massage studio (tahiti)

one can dream...over-water massage therapy tent, motu mahana (tahiti)

* photo from http://www.vacationstogo.com/slideshow.cfm?set=Tahiti_II

* question: when "One" "Dreams," is this scene an example of that which is man-i-fested?


  1. Hey Lenman!

    In Sept. '02 I visited Montezuma (no revenge), Costa Rica w/ my favorite brother Joe. The translation of Costa Rica is rich coast, and the rain forest is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. At times the rain forest looks like it's going to spill into the crystal blue pacific...GORGEOUS!!!

    I loved the place & the loving, peaceful people (ticos) so much I told him to go home, sell my possession & wire me the money, b/c I found my new home.

    My vision of my massage studio was this exact image. I planned on making my income from the tourists, bartering w/ the ticos, & donating massages to the ones who couldn't afford to pay.

    It sounded like a crazy dream then, b/c I needed to return to the greatest career of my life...being a mother to my 13 yr. old son & 12 yr. old daughter.

    Now they/re 20 & 19 yrs. old, so who knows where my future path will take me...


  2. hey, kitten!

    over the years, your descriptions of montezuma have painted a picture of a place (or a way of life) that is frozen in time.

    as a licensed massage therapist (and a woman who can make anyone feel special), your future journey could take you anywhere!

    your blissful memories of costa rica are probably similar to the memories of those clients who you've touched, as they were experiencing connection, stress reduction, release, safety, etc.

    your smile provides your friends/family/clients with an instant vacation away from our problems and worries, and your presence turns any beach into a rich coast.

    keep on showering us with your experience of pura vida!
    love, lenny