Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IP-12: you can All-Ways get what you want

you can All-Ways get what you want...

...if you decide to want what you already have.


the Truth of the matter is that wIe, right now, could envision an infinite number of scenarios in which we had much, much "less" than we have, right now. ..if we found ourselves in any of those scenarios, we'd Really appreciate that which we already have.



today's practice, should we choose to practice it, is to want what we already have.
method: sit in a relaxed position, and, for a moment, imagine if you'd lost it all. ..imagine if you'd lost all family, friends, bodily functions, jobs, possessions, etc. ..imagine how much you'd yearn for just one day to have all of that (even the so-called "bad" times), back again. ..really, really focus on this feeling.

then, open your eyes, and re-Cognize that you already have All of that which you really ever wanted.

having engaged in this tiny practice, how do you feel?


past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts:
* inSpired, in part, by the book "how to want what you have" by timothy miller


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