Sunday, July 26, 2009

IP-11: mirror meditation

when practicing mirror meditation, the idea is to project yourself into every-thing that you see. every person, every object, every action, See Beyond the physical (into the meta-physical) and See yourSelf in everything.

below are two ways to play:

1. in the movie "the moses code," the idea was to take one of the most famous sentences in the bible,

"I Am that I Am"

and to insert a comma, resulting in:

"I Am that, I Am."

as we move through our day, today, when viewing a tree, a homeless person, an argument, an athlete, whatever...

and say to self:

"I Am that, I Am."

"I Am that. ..I Am."

"I Am that, (I Am)."

2. the second way to See yourSelf in everything is to imagine using a mirror when viewing a tree, a homeless person, an argument, an athlete, or whatever...

imagine that the object which you are viewing is a mirror, and See your-self in it.

after a little practice, it isn't very difficult to See self in:

  • the person who cuts you off in traffic,
  • the flower,
  • the critic,
  • the airplane,
  • the preacher,
  • the tomato,
  • the caring parent,
  • the firefly,

  • the loving granddaughter,
  • etc.
(at this point, several members of the martineau family are scratching their heads, saying...

"the tomato????! ..honey, he's off the deep end, again!"


in quantum physics, where everything is No-thing but the Same, Unseen, Harmonic, energetic frequency vibrations, it isn't hard to See self in everything...

...even that tomato.soooooooooooo... try the experiment. ..anytime, all day, when you view any object/person/activity, envision the imaginary mirror and say something like:

"I Am that (politician, butterfly, raindrop...), I Am."

eventually, this yogic practice results in more of a feeling of "Yug" (Union, Oneness, etc.). ..the really eye-opening part is when we can See ourselves in both the "bad" and the "good" stuff, because we find that it's a little easier to understand bad behavior, and it's wonderful to re-Cognize ourselves in All that is G∞d.


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* picture (graphic) of the mirror by microsoft clipart.

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