Tuesday, July 21, 2009

flashback: prodigal father

by p. rodigal

nearly everyone knows the story of the prodigal son. ..he's the one who runs away and get's into troublesome adventures, only to re-Turn (as a man) to the open arms of his family. ..when he does re-Turn, it is with a wealth of knowlege and experience.

this post is actually a flashback (inspiration) from father's day, 2009. ..i attended a service where several men and women spoke of their "prodigal father," a man who ran away, only to (eventually) re-Turn with the kind of experience and knowledge that allowed him to shine like the son.
note: i'd like to take a moment to thank my father (albert martineau) and my brothers-who-are-fathers (larry, joe, john, steve, jerry, tom, jim, willy) for being there for their families, every single day of their lives. ..let's also include mike, rob, buddy, and anthony into that mix.

it is apparent that many of us experience prodigal father/son dramas, and there's no telling when s/he who has run away will come back with a bounty of Love -- more than s/he ever could have given/received before.

maybe it's time to open up and welcome our prodigal father/mother/friend/daughter/son home.

maybe this is our opportunity to re-Turn to our own, Love-ing mindset that ran away when p. rodigal decided that s/he needed to travel a different path.

maybe (as marianne williamson might say) re-Turning to Love is something that wIe choose, from withIn.

nobody is Perfect, but Perfect Love can For-give someone else another chance, another dance, another opportunity to come out and Play.

of Course, all of this running away & re-Turning is the natural ebb and flow of Oneness, which never (Really) comes or goes... but simply IS.

* picture of an uninhabited island in belize.


  1. This is interesting to me, as it was originally posted on Jean-Luc's birthday.
    Of course, as I have said many times, quoting Ricard Bach: "Nothing by Chance"