Saturday, July 18, 2009

flashback, 1995: "sharkball"

ladies and gentlemen, please please do not attempt this at home.

back in the day (which was a wednesday, circa de new year's eve, 1995), the crew ventured down to the florida keys for some fishin', divin', and lobster stalkin'. ..we bought a bunch of colorful "sharkballs," which are nerf-like mini-footballs with little sharks painted on them.

due to inclement weather, we were forced to remain in the house, so we practiced some good 'ol american sharkball.
in the picture above, we execute an "option right" with pete as a lineman, willy as fullback, and lenny at quarterback. you can see, we are using a "lime green" sharkball, while a yellow sharkball can be (partially) viewed at the lower-left corner of the photo.

remember this:
friends don't let friends keep old pictures from "back in the day."

a yellow sharkball flies tandem with an orange sharkball, near the "high rise" (officer's quarters) at the naval air station key west.... for a good look at a sharkball, click the pic to enlarge.
the "back in the day (which was a wednesday)" line is from dane cook, on his "retaliation" cd.

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