Friday, July 24, 2009

final judgment day

"final judgment day" will be Heavenly.

imagine a day when we are able to stop judging. ..we'll be free from criticizing, analyzing, grading, arguing, competing, etc. ..we'll be free from feeling as if we "need" to achieve a certain level of status, which is a good thing, since ego is never satisfied -- even when we do achieve.

we'll watch 95% less television, read 98% fewer newspapers, and click on 99.7% less gossip links.

when we give-up judging, the rule will also apply to ourselves, which means that we'll be free from shame, blame, guilt, regret, and condemnation.

heck, we'll even have enough time to sit and watch more sunrises/sunsets.

final judgment day is Here,
the moment that an individual decides to meld into One.

* photos from mallory square, key west, circa de Christmas, 2008.

* post inspired by an ACIM (A Course In Miracles) class on 23 July, 2009.

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