Thursday, July 30, 2009

even odds

even odds
by perce n. tages

roll a lucky seven
it’s all in the cards
it’s a game of hell or Heaven, given:
even odds

* martineau l. (6-22.1-2009). even odds. book 67: melt. © 2009 graphics from microsoft clipart


Wednesday, July 29, 2009



by image i. nation

imagine there's a time
imagine there's a day
imagine there's a rhyme
imagine there's a Way

imagine there's a Dream

imagine there's a Truth
imagine there's a me, and
imagine there's a you

imagine there's a reason for the way the story goes, and
imagine there's a season when we say the curtain calls, and
imagine there's a day, and
imagine there's a time, and
imagine there's a place where the Son will always shine

* pictures of the sunrise at pura vida, costa rica

montgomery ward

alternative title: "i can only imagine"

when i was a kid, my family joked about the idea that our neighbors must have thought of our house as the "martineau mental institution" (m.m.i.).

we were, uh, a tad loud.
how loud? (you can only imagine... :)

well, my #1 girl friend jean montgomery became a martineau on the 3rd of july, and i'm going to become a montgomery (again) this weekend when we visit pennsylvania for a major montgomery family extravaganza.

if jean's family is still as crazy as mine, maybe m.m.i. and montgomery ward will form a corporation.
those of you who follow this blog are aware of the post entitled "happy marriage," and on that post, jean commented that one of her favorite songs is "i can only imagine" by MercyMe.

jean had this song played at her father's funeral, and she wants it played at hers.

so, jean, from all of us to you, in memory of GREAT memories; in the belief that there's more to Life than just this earth-bound experience; in the way that Spirit cannot really be described in human language... but maybe It can be felt.

so jean, here's the youtube version of your song (by alwaysforgiven821):
"i can only imagine."

Love, len

* note: even though the producer of the youtube video (above) included a couple of graphics that are a bit out of my comfort zone, and even though words like "worship" don't seem to mesh with the concept of Oneness, it is very easy to resonate with jean's strong Connection to this fantastic song.

* maybe there's a meaning, behind the words that we human Be-ings use in our feeble attempt to communicate with each other.

* maybe there's a feeling, like an understanding of the symbology of certain Truths, like the Undying Love that is Known by those who have experienced death and dying.

* maybe all of this is an exercise in futility, but:

i can only imagine...

* "happy holler days" drawings from a home-made Christmas card by the extremely talented joe martineau. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

vibrations on the plane

vibrations on the plane

by G∞d, G∞d, G∞d, G∞d (vibrations)

vibrations on the plane

like thunder in the night

like atoms in the rain
like turbulence, in flight
like we live in a Playground where the Game is quite insane
like we might have a clue (me/you)

vibrations on the plane


* inspired by a comment (third from the top) on a post at

* here, on the earth-bound plane, frequent flying is a fleeting, fortunate forte.


IP-12: you can All-Ways get what you want

you can All-Ways get what you want...

...if you decide to want what you already have.


the Truth of the matter is that wIe, right now, could envision an infinite number of scenarios in which we had much, much "less" than we have, right now. ..if we found ourselves in any of those scenarios, we'd Really appreciate that which we already have.



today's practice, should we choose to practice it, is to want what we already have.
method: sit in a relaxed position, and, for a moment, imagine if you'd lost it all. ..imagine if you'd lost all family, friends, bodily functions, jobs, possessions, etc. ..imagine how much you'd yearn for just one day to have all of that (even the so-called "bad" times), back again. ..really, really focus on this feeling.

then, open your eyes, and re-Cognize that you already have All of that which you really ever wanted.

having engaged in this tiny practice, how do you feel?


past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts:
* inSpired, in part, by the book "how to want what you have" by timothy miller


Sunday, July 26, 2009

IP-11: mirror meditation

when practicing mirror meditation, the idea is to project yourself into every-thing that you see. every person, every object, every action, See Beyond the physical (into the meta-physical) and See yourSelf in everything.

below are two ways to play:

1. in the movie "the moses code," the idea was to take one of the most famous sentences in the bible,

"I Am that I Am"

and to insert a comma, resulting in:

"I Am that, I Am."

as we move through our day, today, when viewing a tree, a homeless person, an argument, an athlete, whatever...

and say to self:

"I Am that, I Am."

"I Am that. ..I Am."

"I Am that, (I Am)."

2. the second way to See yourSelf in everything is to imagine using a mirror when viewing a tree, a homeless person, an argument, an athlete, or whatever...

imagine that the object which you are viewing is a mirror, and See your-self in it.

after a little practice, it isn't very difficult to See self in:

  • the person who cuts you off in traffic,
  • the flower,
  • the critic,
  • the airplane,
  • the preacher,
  • the tomato,
  • the caring parent,
  • the firefly,

  • the loving granddaughter,
  • etc.
(at this point, several members of the martineau family are scratching their heads, saying...

"the tomato????! ..honey, he's off the deep end, again!"


in quantum physics, where everything is No-thing but the Same, Unseen, Harmonic, energetic frequency vibrations, it isn't hard to See self in everything...

...even that tomato.soooooooooooo... try the experiment. ..anytime, all day, when you view any object/person/activity, envision the imaginary mirror and say something like:

"I Am that (politician, butterfly, raindrop...), I Am."

eventually, this yogic practice results in more of a feeling of "Yug" (Union, Oneness, etc.). ..the really eye-opening part is when we can See ourselves in both the "bad" and the "good" stuff, because we find that it's a little easier to understand bad behavior, and it's wonderful to re-Cognize ourselves in All that is G∞d.


past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts:

* picture (graphic) of the mirror by microsoft clipart.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

happy birthday abby!


happy birthday, abby!


Friday, July 24, 2009

final judgment day

"final judgment day" will be Heavenly.

imagine a day when we are able to stop judging. ..we'll be free from criticizing, analyzing, grading, arguing, competing, etc. ..we'll be free from feeling as if we "need" to achieve a certain level of status, which is a good thing, since ego is never satisfied -- even when we do achieve.

we'll watch 95% less television, read 98% fewer newspapers, and click on 99.7% less gossip links.

when we give-up judging, the rule will also apply to ourselves, which means that we'll be free from shame, blame, guilt, regret, and condemnation.

heck, we'll even have enough time to sit and watch more sunrises/sunsets.

final judgment day is Here,
the moment that an individual decides to meld into One.

* photos from mallory square, key west, circa de Christmas, 2008.

* post inspired by an ACIM (A Course In Miracles) class on 23 July, 2009.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

IP-10: smoothie of the day

alternative title: orange you glad four carrots?

for those of us who'd like to enjoy vibrant health, but haven't yet gotten fully into "juicing," wIe can keep it simple with smoothies.

today's (orange you glad four carrots?) smoothie was made with:

* 1 banana
* several chunks of frozen pineapple
* 4 carrots
* frozen orange juice (from concentrate) - i tried to follow the label, but it took me three hours of concentration before recognizing that "concentrate" meant "what's in the thing."

* (optional) 1/2 lemon, thumbnail size of ginger, or vary the amount of the above ingredients for more an effect

1. put ingredients in blender
2. press "play" (taste test by scooping & slurping a spoonful off of the top, while it's blending)
3. pour into a frozen mug

* makes several delicious servings, needs no sweeteners (no ice cream, no yogurt). ..very, very filling.

* smoothies allow us to consume the pulp (and glean its fiber). ..juicers remove the pulp, giving you more vitamins/minerals per ounce, but i've found it hard to "throw away" the pulp.'ll need a compost thigamajig if you really want to juice.
past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts:


IP-9: the "half-smile" phenomenon

the "half-smile": a body-mind connection in action.

try this: close your eyes. ..then, while breathing slowly, move the edges of your lips upward, into a half-smile. ..after that, move them downward, into a frown. ..repeat.

most people will experience a mood change as the facial muscles form a smile ("up") vs.
when the facial muscles go limp or (worse yet) form a frown.

did you feel anything different?

* inspired by the line in "versa-vice" that goes:
"upside-down, a happy-face is mirror of dejection."
past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts:


mind, alter-ing

although mind-altering substances can be a major problem...

...often, the problem isn't the mind-altering substance, but rather the stuck-mind that resists change, in a world where change is the very fabric of the process of life.

life itself is a process, and minds are meant to be changed.


of course, this could simply be an altered mind, using The Law of Attraction in an attempt to tempt other minds to alter, thereby creating a Unified Alteration.


whoa.'s time to stop thinking...

* notes: before we get into our own little prejudicial worlds, it is important to note that mind-altering is a way of life. ..we change our states, via coffee, music, dance, meditation, prayer, artistic expression, exercise, touch, and numerous other state-changers.

question: is the continually altering mind a backwards-reflective clue that Divine Mind is Changeless, Complete, Whole, Infinite, Eternal, and True?

what thinketh you?

intolerably arduous working conditions

outside on the back porch, in the middle of a north carolina thunderstorm, after 10 pm.

sheer hell :)

* to be honest, the storm got sooooo bad -- giant lightning, immediate thunder, and forrest gump sized "sideways rain" -- that i had to run inside.

* sounds of "jenny,"
(in an alabama accent) saying: "ruuuuuun, lenny, ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!"


do NOT read this!

if you happened to click onto this post because this post told you not to... uh...

...well, let's explore this phenomenon.

think about every time that you've ever hinted to someone that they, quote "shouldn't" do something. ..for some people (maybe some people like us, who are a tad rebellious?) it's very intriguing to "do" what they aren't "supposed" to do.


think about it... in the news, are there ever stories about people doing what they aren't supposed to do????

learning point (for us teachers/parents/leaders out there, who "know" the way that things "should" be done)...

uh... if we tell people like us that they shouldn't do that which we've probably already done, what do you think the chances are that they won't try it?


just rambling...


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing... "choose"

23 july- click here for "Playing, choose" (2009)

* in the picture above, is this guy choosing peace?

* the post "Playing, choose" is a meager effort to put the "choice" issue to rest, if possible.

One, Everlasting Moment

22 july.... one everlasting moment (2009).doc

* picture of honeymoon beach, fiji, by l. martineau, november 2008.

* post inspired by no one in particular.

"now i get the picture"

don't worry, if you don't "get" this thoem (just yet).

...but (hint, hint) it is going to be something Huge!

now i get the picture [1]

by i. s. wideopen

now i get the picture

now i know the Way

now i see more clearly than i did before today

21 july... now i get the picture (2009).doc

...more to follow.


[1] martino j. (7-21.1-2009). book 67: melt. © 2009 picture of lake mattheson, n.z. by l. martineau (2008).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

massage studio (tahiti)

one can dream...over-water massage therapy tent, motu mahana (tahiti)

* photo from

* question: when "One" "Dreams," is this scene an example of that which is man-i-fested?

flashback: prodigal father

by p. rodigal

nearly everyone knows the story of the prodigal son. ..he's the one who runs away and get's into troublesome adventures, only to re-Turn (as a man) to the open arms of his family. ..when he does re-Turn, it is with a wealth of knowlege and experience.

this post is actually a flashback (inspiration) from father's day, 2009. ..i attended a service where several men and women spoke of their "prodigal father," a man who ran away, only to (eventually) re-Turn with the kind of experience and knowledge that allowed him to shine like the son.
note: i'd like to take a moment to thank my father (albert martineau) and my brothers-who-are-fathers (larry, joe, john, steve, jerry, tom, jim, willy) for being there for their families, every single day of their lives. ..let's also include mike, rob, buddy, and anthony into that mix.

it is apparent that many of us experience prodigal father/son dramas, and there's no telling when s/he who has run away will come back with a bounty of Love -- more than s/he ever could have given/received before.

maybe it's time to open up and welcome our prodigal father/mother/friend/daughter/son home.

maybe this is our opportunity to re-Turn to our own, Love-ing mindset that ran away when p. rodigal decided that s/he needed to travel a different path.

maybe (as marianne williamson might say) re-Turning to Love is something that wIe choose, from withIn.

nobody is Perfect, but Perfect Love can For-give someone else another chance, another dance, another opportunity to come out and Play.

of Course, all of this running away & re-Turning is the natural ebb and flow of Oneness, which never (Really) comes or goes... but simply IS.

* picture of an uninhabited island in belize.

IP-8 smoothie of the day (man-go bananas)

for those of us who'd like to enjoy vibrant health, but haven't yet gotten fully into "juicing," wIe can keep it simple with smoothies.

today's (man-go bananas) smoothie was made with:

* 2 bananas
* several chunks of frozen mango
* a few chunks of pineapple
* 1/4 cup-ish orange juice (to liquefy)

* topped off with cinnamon.

1. put ingredients in blender
2. press "play" (taste test by scooping & slurping a spoonful off of the top, while it's blending)
3. after pouring into a cool-looking glass, sprinkle cinnamon on top

it tastes better than it looks in this picture. ..actually, it looks better than it looks in the picture... :)

* makes several delicious servings, needs no sweeteners (no ice cream, no yogurt). ..very, very filling.

* smoothies allow us to consume the pulp (and glean its fiber). ..juicers remove the pulp, giving you more vitamins/minerals per ounce, but i've found it hard to "throw away" the pulp.'ll need a compost thigamajig if you really want to juice.
past IP (In-Joy-All-ist Principles) posts:

Monday, July 20, 2009


"Enlightenment must come little by little -- otherwise it would overwhelm."
-idries shah

this post is directed toward that which we experience here,
in the Uni-Verse-All Playground that includes little ol' planet earth.
awaken (wake up, waken, rouse, wake, arouse, reawaken - awaken once again: .to return to rouse somebody from transform from asleep to aware.

question: is it not more natural (and more fun) to awaken easily, rather than to be jerked from r.e.m. sleep into awakeness? ..does it not feel better to wake-up, rather than to be "woken-up"?**

let's imagine, for a moment, that Awakeness Is (and the asleep phase is merely a lucid mirror which allows us to re-All-ize the joys of Awaken-ing). ..imagine if "mistakes" also lead to increased Awareness...

if we can imagine a lifetime as an Awakening from a dream, then all of those dreamy mistakes can be thought of as illusions, and used as awakening facilitators (for you and for me) as we easily wake up, together.

maybe "lucid dreaming" (the phase that lies just prior to Awakening) can be used to for-give those mistakes a goodbye hug.


- the quote at top of post was excerpted from reverend julie's "thought for the day," (july 20, 2009).

- the picture, entitled "full moon" was taken at scarboro beach, rhode island (july, 2009).

34 march... lucid dream (2004).doc
24 may.... good lucid dream (2004).doc


** of course, there may be times, here, when we need to be woken-up. :)

can (martineau) men dance?

you be the judge...
below: 1 minute & 28 seconds of some serious dancing and tandem, power yoga. ..note lucas and merry, as they demonstrate harmony and:
  • head movements (no, no, no, yes, yes, yes, no/yes/no)
  • elegant swan dives
  • balance postures
  • modified boat pose
  • downward-facing dog
...and more:

Lukas ans Merry Dancing 7/15/09 from Cheryl Huntley on Vimeo.

can (martineau) men dance? (part II)

if you've ever seen the movie "hitch," there's a part where will smith (aka: "hitch") is teaching the white-guy (albert) how to dance. ..after observing albert dance, hitch says something like:

"don't you ever, ever do that again! ...never do that again."

then hitch teaches albert how to dance, without a lot of foot movement. ..hitch outlines a very small area (left & right), and then demonstrates small, side-to-side movements, while saying:

"this is home. ..this is where you live. ..right here. ..right here."

the following video shows luke (showing off his new style), presumably after watching the movie "hitch." ..merry, of course, is pretty merry with both lukestyles. ..note how (when hitch isn't watching...), luke throws-in a little elvis knee-twitch, a la forrest gump.

28 seconds

Untitled from Cheryl Huntley on Vimeo.

simple math: luke + merry = harmony