Thursday, June 11, 2009

that's yoga, baby!

ya gotta see it, to In-Joy! :)

only 52 seconds,
when you click below:


* thanks, sandi, for passing this along!



  1. Just brilliant. Maybe all advertising isn't evil after all!

  2. hi, no one!

    that's the best commercial i've ever seen (admittedly, i see very few, these days [thank Goodness])

    my other favorite commercial is the super-bowl fedex "Cast Away" spoof/ad -- where the long-bearded guy (back from being stranded on a deserted island) knocks on the door of the woman whose package was the ONLY one that he chose NOT to open (for 5 years), based upon his thought process that he "was going to get back home & deliver it personally."

    after tracking the sender down, and giving her the package, he says something like: "by the way, what's in it, anyway?"

    and she replies (as they pan to his facial expression):

    "oh, nothing. just some flares, a two-way radio, a rubber raft, fishing rod, a GPS, matches, a knife..." (and on and on...)
    :) :) :) :)
    "now, THAT's funny"
    -larry the cable guy