Monday, June 22, 2009


"my wife is not that smart, you know...
...just the other night, it took her an hour-and-a-half to watch 60 minutes"

-rodney dangerfield

in today's world of recorded tell-a-vision, rodney's wife could zip through the commercials and watch 60 minutes in fifty minutes. ..she could also watch pieces of just about any show, over a period of days, weeks, etc.

she'd be able to fast-forward, to rewind, and to "pause."

if she wanted to re-live a certain portion of a drama, she could replay the bit (again and again and again) until she'd (literally) memorized the lines. ..if she wanted to predict the future, she could "sneak a peek" at the ending. fact, predicting "the ending" of most move-ies, dramas, sit-calms and virtual-reality shows isn't really all that difficult -- even if you don't peek.

since we are the ones holding our own "remote" (read that one, again), let's examine the pause button.
  • "pause" gives us the opportunity to breathe, to focus, to integrate, and to take a break.
  • "pause" allows us to (momentarilly) disengage from the drama, and to observe that "we" are not (really) part of the drama.
  • "pause" allows us a moment... right up until the next time we decide to get lost again by pressing "play."
could "pause" be the most important button on the not-so-remote?

time to stop.

* alternative title: you are (Now) holding your own remote.

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