Friday, June 12, 2009

just one of those days...

(this short commercial is a spoof on the movie "cast away")

setting: dude (who, after living through a fedex plane crash and managing to survive for five years as a castaway on a deserted island) now home.

while he was marooned, he made good use of all of the fedex packages that floated up on shore -- except for one. ..he saved one, unopened package as a personal motivation to do whatever it took -- to live -- and to (someday) return to the u.s.a. ..his personal pledge was to survive, so he could return this one package to its sender.

he almost died several times, but he learned how to fish (with a spear), how to make fire (for signaling), and he subsisted on coconut, coconut water, and seafood.

...and you thought you had a bad day, today.


  1. two from oz


  2. GREAT, claude! anything from oz is going to be over the rainbow...
    :) len

    ps: when are scheduled to visit the u.s.a.?