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IP-3: trans fats

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the excerpt (below) is by a guy who explains diet/exercise in a way that normal humanoids (like us) can understand. ..no need for an advanced degree in nutritional biophysics. ..you can get his free e-book "training and nutrition insider: secrets to a lean body" at http://www.fitwatch.com/ebooks/training-nutrition-secrets_FitWatch.pdf

it's good. ..it's free. ..it's a no-brainer.

the piece on "trans fats" comes from pages 39 & 40 of the e-book, but there's so, so much more... anyway, read and weep :)

--------by mike geary, certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist


Hydrogenated oils (source of artificial trans fats): These are industrially produced chemically altered oils subjected to extremely high pressure and temperature, with added industrial solvents such as hexane for extraction, and have a metal catalyst added to promote the artificial hydrogenation, followed by bleaching and deodorizing agents…...and somehow the FDA still allows this crap to pass as food. ..

These oils aren’t even worthy of your lawnmower, much less your body! ..They’ve been linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. ..Even small quantities of as little as 1 to 2 grams of trans fats/day have been shown in studies to be dangerous. ..For comparison, if you eat a normal order of fries at a fast food joint or any restaurant, you can easily get 5 grams or more of trans fats. ..Now if as little as 1 gram daily can be dangerous to your health, imagine what you’re doing to yourself with 5 grams…and that was only the fries! ..What about all of the cookies, cakes, chicken fingers, donuts, and other stuff people eat on a regular basis? ..Some people are getting more than 20-30 grams of trans fats every day and don’t even realize that they’re slowly killing themselves with this crap.


(lennynote: whenever we are wondering why we feel sluggish, ill, fat, etc., it's a good idea to seriously look into the amount of trans fats that we are eating. ..again, some of the worst foods are pastries, cakes, cookies, tortilla/potato chips, deep-fried food, etc., that tend to give us these trans fats without our knowledge. ..of course, it's each individual's responsibility to nurture his/her own personal wellness, so ultimately -- the way that we feel is largely up to us!).


If you care about your health, check the ingredients of everything you buy, and if you see partially hydrogenated oils of any kind, margarine, or shortening, protect yourself and your family by choosing something else. ..If I were asked to pick one thing that is most harmful to our health that is used in our food supply, it would be the artificial trans fats by a landslide.

They are simply THAT dangerous that they must be avoided. ..In my opinion, artificial trans fats are right up there with cigarettes in terms of negative health effects. ..Because of the growing awareness and concern over the negative health effects of trans fats, the FDA mandated that all food manufacturers show the quantity of trans fat on all labels starting back in January 2006.

However, they can still claim that their product is “trans fat free” or “no trans fat” if it has 0.5 grams of trans fat or less per serving according to regulations in the US. So all they have to do is reduce the serving size portion small enough so that it has 0.5 grams of trans, and they can claim “no trans fat”. ..

Don’t trust them! ..You must inspect the ingredients for yourself to know if it’s free of hydrogenated oils, margarine, or shortening.

-article by mike geary

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