Saturday, June 13, 2009


(excerpted) wikepeida definition of "harmony"

in mathematical physics, a harmonic function is a twice continuously differentiable function

f : U → R
(where U is an open subset of Rn) which satisfies Laplace's equation (known as potential theory) which involves an unknown function (or functions) of several independent variables and its (or their) partial derivatives with respect to those variables everywhere on U.


this is also often written as:


in lennylanguage, that means "(You) U (are) R everywhere (Here)."

and UR(Here) = zero, when "0" = no thing,

when "Nothing" = All

when "All" = potential differentiation,

(All at One[ce], simultaneously)

...meaning... that there are two games in town:

1. Nonduality (which is the All, Omni, Macro, Completion, One, Alpha, Love, etc.), and

2. duality (which is the harmonic expression of Nonduality). ..duality expressed (in a relative world) is the illusion of matter, differentiation, oppositicality (up/down, light/dark, left/right, fear/love, etc.)

meaning that there is on[e]ly One Game in (no)town, and that Game is called:

All, or No-thing

-the beginning.

for a much better way to understand this outlandish post, simply click on the short music video on the post entitled wedding music (click here)  and watch trace bundy and sungha jung jam, harmonically.

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