Wednesday, June 17, 2009



by ima notta guru

guru” is spelled G.U.R.U. (gee, you are you)!

…and, if All is (Really) One, then nobody needs a guru (outside of "him/herself") to give them advice on anything.

* if i seek a guru, i perpetuate the illusion of duality.
* if i seek to be a guru (teacher, seer, thinker, knower) then i perpetuate the illusion of duality.
* if i seek to change your mind (if i sound pompous, self-righteous, or argumentative), then i'm (momentarily, at least) embedded in the illusion of the dual/dream.

* if, however, i can meld with you, with you, with you, and
.........laugh with you…
(without needing to convince you of the righteousness of my "own" viewpoint)

in those (rare) moments, i’m experiencing a movement in the direction of Oneness.

thank G∞d for those rare moments.

  • even in a short thoem like this, one can sense the ego-ic perspective, trying to conceptualize it all (by teaching/learning)…

  • ...and then one can feel a more Love-ing perspective, kicking back and experiencing It, All.

  • forrest gump might say "maybe both are happening at the same time."


martino, j. (6-14.1-2009). book 67: melt. © 2009 graphic by microsoft clipart.

* for a definition of "G∞d" click here to see "G∞d, defined" (february, 2009)



  1. Amen! But I had to check with my spiritual teacher first to make sure this was Truth, what you speak.

  2. hi, no one!
    now, THAT's funny!
    of Course, i can't take credit/blame for any of this, because it's all channeled.