Monday, June 8, 2009

the BamaJam

there's nothing like the BamaJam (enterprise, alabama) -- which is part rock concert, part country hoedown (sp?), and all about southern hospitality. ..the headliners (on saturday) were brooks & dunn and kid rock, who pretty-much stole the show at 11pm.

: gettin' started

below: mary laura, dick & jim join the jam

below: jam packed

below: a couple of alabama gals at the bamajam
(note: friends don't let friends mix beer & funnel-cakes)

there were three or four smaller stages, like this one (below):

below: it appears that the current southern fashion is "short skirts with cowgirl boots."
for my new england bretheren, you cannot even begin to imagine the scenario.

below: mainstage

below: urban cowboys?

below: strongman contests

below: you can't have a jam without a corn dog booth, or a guy selling crazy hats

: bama mother/daughter teams can also jam!

below: jim jam

below: nocturnal jam

pictures can't really describe it, so let's just ink bama jam as an annual event.



  1. They do the short skirts and cowboy boots thing here in London too. Tres sexy!

  2. mui, mui caliente!

    sidenote: i'd almost forgotten how easy-going and friendly that people can be in the florabamageorgia area.

    the estimated attendance was 120,000 (most of whom were drinking beer all day long), and the smiles outnumbered the "issues" 1000 to 1.