Tuesday, June 30, 2009


english has a magic word that erases the past
i’d like to share it with you, but you’d fall for it too fast
you see, i really like you, but this message is sublime
this word’s for you, but it’s a little bit before it’s time

i’d use it in a sentence but then you would surely guess
you’re qualified, but that ain’t gonna make no difference
the words that come before this word have little meaning, but
i’ll try to keep a secret, but i think i’ve said too much

we wanted to stop acting, but nobody would say “cut!”
i wanted to say nothing, but now i’ve said nothing, but

so, listen up, you’ll hear it, but you won’t be listening
they want you to be free, but then they tell you what to sing
but this is gonna hurt me (a lot more than it hurts you)
but i’m trying to be serious, but i very seldom do

1. martino, j. (may, 2002). book 4: plenny more. copyright 2009 by www.wellnesseducation.us

the rhode island vacation "plan"

below: home sweet home
tentative plan for 31 june - 14 july. ..note: this plan will change, and it will change fast & often, without notice. ..the "open" slots tend to fill-up with spontaneous family activities, unless there's a previous plan. ..call me (if you want to play).


31st (tuesday): arrive; get picked up at pvd airport by steve;
quick stop at trinity brewhouse (reconnaissance mission);
then home to mom & dad's place

left: nerf-football in the street.
steve (obviously) did not fall for the fake handoff, as john turns upfield on a fly pattern. ..is that joey criscione as defensive back???

"34-pass to the halfback, deep... on two"

1st (wednesday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga; shop for lennyfood (maybe turn my sisters on to the new trader joe's in warwick, rhode island.)
-late afternoon jo/al - open
-evening - possible meet-up with bob & ann simeone (framingham, mass)

2nd (thursday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga/exercise
-afternoon: semi-open (we'll need to prepare for the 4th of july extravaganza as tomorrow will be full). ..steve just let me know that this is a possible boating day on naragansett bay.
-evening: pick-up jean at pvd (10:10 pm) laughs; mom & dad's for jo/al time; laughs

3rd (friday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga
-afternoon: give jean a short-tour of rhode island; visit sharon in wickford, rhode island.
-evening jo/al time, fireworks?

4th (saturday):
-up at 4am; to bristol; parade/festivities
-afternoon/evening: picnic; wakefield (huey's) house/bar; fireworks

5th (sun):
-early morning: jean to airport; jog/yoga
-afternoon: recover; family day

6th (monday):
-wake-up; jog/yoga
-jo/al's choice - family day; evening open
below: block island, rhode island.................

7th (tuesday): lenny zen day away (maybe new hampshire or newport)

8th (wednesday): lenny zen day away; evening - classical re-Union at trinity brewhouse, providence. possible attendees:
* lenny (confirmed)
* lori delgallo (confirmed)
* joyce (richardson)
* eddie pieroni
* dom ragosta
* frank little
* mike bonitati
* tom lenz (sort of confirmed)
* roberta conover (confirmed)
* jim jacober (almost confirmed)
* greg yekhtikian
* you?

9th (thursday):
-morning: jog/yoga/exercise
-afternoon: wine-tasting tour:
all invited.
possible attendees (please rsvp):
* al/jo martineau
* clare (confirmed); jerry dunn (may have to work)
* donna/tom amaral
* steve martineau (possbile)
* willy, judy, kelly, abby (huey & co?)
* bob & ann simeone (possible)
* chris horan
* you?

10th (friday):
-morning: jog/yoga
-open day (i'd looooove a boat trip to block island or nantucket or something like that).

11th (saturday):
-morning: jog/yoga
-femino family re-Union; hugh cole pavillion, warren, rhode island

12th (sunday):
-morning: jog/yoga
-family day; evening open

13th (monday): al/jo's choice, all day
above: mom, larry, dad, clare

14th (tuesday): al/jo drive to airport? ...return to charlotte. ..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


no rhyme or reason

no rhyme or reason [1]

by a. reflection

life is like a poem (in a Dance of space & time)
life is like the seasons, it’s a reason for a rhyme

* the title "no rhyme or reason" hints that something is arbitrary (which is a hint that this thoem isn't).
the same goes for the Connection between the couple (in the photo), which visually accentuates simple themes (dance, reflection, You-nion and momentarily reserved passion).

* the author, "a. reflection," is not so much a writer as he is a mirror.

* in the first line, "life is like a poem," the author embraces the idea that our journey is more symbolic and theatric than it is Real. ..life is like a Really, Big Play.

* "life" appears to happen within a "Dance of space & time," meaning that the illusion of doing happens here, in the relative world, complete with special effects like space and time.

* in the second line "life is like the seasons" we can get a sense of change, of movement, of cycles, of unfoldings...

* the phraze "it's a reason for a rhyme" re-cycles back to the title, hinting that there's a reason for no rhyme or reason.

* ...and that's all i've got to say about that.
-forrest gump

1. martineau l. (6-29.1-2009). book 67: melt. © 2009 www.wellnesseducation.us. graphic from microsoft clipart.

Monday, June 29, 2009

flashback: jean's last trip to rhode island

jean's last trip to rhode island occurred back in 1984-ish, when she accompanied several indianapolis army/rugby guys in a recreational vehicle bound for the boston marathon. ..along the way, we stopped at jean's house in pennsylvania, where the boys met jean's parents. ..as i remember, jean actually drove the r.v. up the hill into her driveway.
jean & the guys in the martineau kitchen. ..left to right,
standing: kevin, bob, denny, boz
sitting: jean, steve, tim, chris
(i took the picture)

she took the boys out that night to the one watering hole in the county, which was packed with people. ..when the d.j. made the mistake of playing john cougar mellencamp's "jack & diane" -- all hell broke loose!! ..the locals probably weren't ready for indiana's idea of "chippendales," as the boys were dancing on tables in strategic locations, all around the bar. ..needless to say, jean was the talk of the town as we made our getaway toward rhode island, the following day.
left: jean, dancing

instead of going straight to boston, we stopped at the university of rhode island, where we partied the night away and added three more people to our traveling crew. ..the following afternoon, after locating those who were "missing in action," we hit al & jo's house for some pre-marathon meatball sandwiches and pabst blue ribbon beer.

above: jean & boz..........................................
below: don't try this at home

anywaaaaay... that night, we got a hotel near boston, and we parked the r.v. outside. ..it was the night before the marathon, and we proceeded to take the "t" into beantown. ..apparently, boston wasn't ready for our antics, and we got thrown out of a couple of bars, including the last one (when we crashed a private party at 3 a.m.).

...yes, on the morning of the boston marathon.

above, jean & steve....................................

below, left to right: kevin, jack............
the race start-time came too quickly, and (who would have guessed this) it was raining. ..only five of us attempted the race, and we used cut out garbage bags as running-ponchos.

jack hit the wall after about 15 miles, and had to be taken to the finish area by the medics. ..i got a charliehorse on heartbreak hill (mile 22-ish), and i'd probably still be there if one of my former u.r.i. nursing students didn't recognize me and provide a much needed leg massage.

as i jogged/walked toward mile 25, i saw my buddy kevin, completely disoriented, walking in the opposite direction of the race!

kevin & i stepped into a convenience store, got a cup of coffee and a candy bar, and then went back out to finish the marathon.

yeah, so it took us more than five hours. ..yeah, so we didn't win. ..but i doubt that anybody who finished before us had been dancing and chugging drafties while standing on his head just a few hours prior to racetime.

yes. ..we lost our damage deposit on the r.v.

oh well. ..for whatever reason, uh... jean, i don't think we can match that trip.

_________________________________ outtakes________________

left: denny, trying to attract women on the "t" which is boston's version of an above ground subway. ..huh?

above: my buddy and fraternity brother (bob) met his future wife (ann) that night (on the "t"). ..25 years later, they are married, with great kids, and living outside of boston.

below: lenny & jean finish a 10-k at purdue university
below: denny (not lenny) and "the boz" meeting the local ladies on the "t" on the way to boston. ..denny is seen here, making a friend and nibbling on her shoe. ..later that evening, the courting ritual included drinking beer out of her shoe.

below: rugby players singing rugby songs
one more time: friends don't let friends play rugby

happy birthday, sharon!

sharon (formerly greene) turns 50, today...
....and jean & lenny are going to visit her on friday
(at greene's flowers in wickford, rhode island).
happy birthday, sharon!
the picture (above) was taken approximately 26 years ago, at the salem courthouse pool in indianapolis, indiana. ..sharon & i met at scarboro beach in rhode island, back around 1978. ..we got into our share of adventures throughout college, and she met jean when she visited indianapolis in 1982.

top row, standing, left to right:
scott younger; anne; jocelyn berry; steve mcguirk; unknown army guy; jean montgomery; susan?

middle row, sitting, left to right:
john pace; carol?; larry scott; sharon (greene); bill schutsky; diane schutsky; thalia.
.where's kevin podlaski? ..maybe he's taking the photo?

front row, in pool, left to right: carl love; mike barke; mike's kids; lenny; steve.

* yes, the hat that lenny is wearing is a moose head (from alaska). ..willy probably would have been in the photo, but he was three days late in arriving from colorado. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

IP-7: well worth the weight

IP-7: well worth the weight

at wIe, "weight" is not that silly number that pops-up on your scale
when you step on it.

rather, your weight is a flowing process
that is best measured over a period of time.

the number on your scale
is a feedback mechanism that can be utilized to facilitate
increased body awareness.
recommendation: if you are going to use a scale, then "weigh-in" every day, first thing in the morning when you ease out of bed. ..use the same scale, placed in the same place, every day. ..take the average of your daily weight (over the course of a month/cycle) and call that your "starting weight."

what you'll notice is a daily fluctuation of weight, based upon various consumption/expenditure habits and your personal cycles. ..furthermore, re-cognize that:

"the silly number on this scale is but a miniscule indicator of that which i call 'me.'
the number on the scale serves me, by helping me to increase my well-awareness."

if you ever notice a "loss" of more than 2 pounds during a single week, re-cognize that there is a good chance that the weight will be found again, at some point in the future.

instead of playing the game of daily/weekly lost & found, a monthly approach to weight change will allow you to assess current wellness practices and the resulting effects thereof.

along with weight, other feedback mechanisms include:
  • inches (actually, a much more practical measurement than weight)
  • the way that you feel: before/during/after eating, moving, resting, meditation, stretching, etc.
  • color/appearance/scent of your body's waste products (including sweat)
  • ease (of movement, breath, sleep patterns)
  • appearance (fingernails, toenails, skin, eyes, tongue)

is a holistic, multidimensional construct, and its components are best considered in harmony with each other. ..we can utilize physical sense-ations to provide us a glimpse into our mental/Spiritual state.

instead of dwelling on body weight, we can utilize it wisely as a small part of a miraculous feedback system designed to alert us as to our recent life path/course. ..from tHERE, an obvious question is:

"based upon how i feel about
what i've done,
where i am,
and what i'd like to experience...

...what do i do-Be-do Now?"

* graphic of the scale by microsoft clipart.
* other related IP posts include: IP-1, IP-2, IP-3, IP-4, IP-5, and IP-6


anima & animus

anima and animus [1]

by francine evelyn male

anima and animus

sunrise/sunset: Sun

up is down and right is wrong when yin and yang are One


describing the Oneness of duality can sometimes be enhanced by viewing the phenomenon from two levels, simultaneously:

  • Level One: The Absolute
  • level 2: the relative

carl jung described the terms “anima” and “animus” in the same way that a taoist might describe the colors “black” and “white” in the yin/yang symbol.

back in 1958, a band called “three dog night” put it nicely, in the song black and white”:

“the ink is black,

the page is white,

together we learn to read and write…”

[1] martineau, l. (1-21.1-2009). book 65: ‘neau news is G∞d news. © 2009 www.wellnesseducation.us.

* inspired by a “sunday lesson” sent by reverend Julie www.unitycenterforspiritualliving.com.

* garnet & gold yin/yang symbol used (of course) in hopes of healing florida state university's sports woes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

IP-6: smoothie of the day

alternative title: "can't beet kiwi"

note: for the meaning of "IP," please click on IP-4 here.

for those of us who'd like to enjoy vibrant health, but haven't yet gotten fully into "juicing," wIe can keep it simple with smoothies.
today's (can't beet kiwi) smoothie was made with:

* 1 banana
* 3 carrots (tops cut off)
* 1/4 of a small beet
* 1/4 cup-ish orange juice (to liquefy)
* handful (or more) of frozen strawberries (i ran out of peanuts) - to your taste
* chopped ginger (a little piece, about the size of a thumbnail)
* 1/4 lemon (skinned)

* topped off with a slice of kiwi. ..i tried to "shave" slivers of carrot on top, but it didn't look right, so i found a kiwi in the fridge, and "voile."

1. put ingredients in blender (don't put slice of kiwi in blender, as it will cease to be a slice)
2. press "play" (taste test by scooping & slurping a spoonful off of the top, while it's blending)
3. after pouring into a cool-looking glass, apply topping (kiwi slice) on top

"delicious and nutritious" -dane cook

* makes several delicious servings, needs no sweeteners (no ice cream, no yogurt). ..very, very filling.

* smoothies allow us to consume the pulp (and glean its fiber). ..juicers remove the pulp, giving you more vitamins/minerals per ounce, but i've found it hard to "throw away" the pulp.

surf's up

some human beings seem to actually enjoy a little danger:

my question: what happened to the dude on the waverunner?

IP-5: investements

in this, the relative world... the single, best monetary investment (with the highest rate-of-return, ever) -- is to invest in our own, personal wellness.

as the stewardess says before every, single takeoff: ."place the oxygen mask over your own face first, so that you might then be able to help others."

(or something like that)

*.... Spirit .... *
*.................................. *
* ............SpiritMind .......... *
* .............bodymind .............*
*............................................ *
* .............. body................ *
*................................. *
* ......*.......*

body <<<<<<<*>>>>>>> Spirit

in halpert dunn's original wellness model, the concept of "body-mind-Spirit" was that the three components were the Same thing, in different forms. ..kind of like "ice; water; Water Vapor."

dunn indicated that his wellness model was actually a Spiritual model, and that the mind, body (& environment) are "outcroppings" of the One.

a nondualer might dabble in the world of the One, while dueling happens when those who live in a relative world get caught-up in material/matters.


* could it All be pieces to the Same Puzzle? ..could it All be steps, in the Same Dance? ..could it All be parts of the Same Play? ..aren't all of your body's cells part of the same body?

* in a Uni-verse of commune-i-cation, could we All be sharing All of It?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

helicopter crash, ft. rucker, alabama

below is part of an e-mail that i just received from jim casey.

" Just in case you hear about it on the news,
we had one of my co-workers (Jim Elliott) get killed in a crash yesterday.
The other pilot survived. ..Details of the crash are sketchy.
I just thought I would let you know."
-Jim Casey

this message is being posted here:

1. to pay respects to jim elliot

2. to re-Mind us that our friends, jim casey & dick reinhardt, take their lives in their hands every time that they step out to the flight-line and fire-up a helicopter.

3. to re-Mind us, once again, that life is a fleeting, unstable blink of a micro-moment.

Love yours, Love others' -- while wIe can.

note: jim
is too modest to ever bring this up, but he actually saved a pilot's life on the flight-line, many years ago. ..during a "hot refuel" operation, an explosion turned the pilot's body into a projectile, throwing him over 200 feet from the aircraft. ..jim reached the pilot (who was on fire) quickly, put the flames out, and took care of him until the emergency crews arrived.

keep rockin', jim.
flashback (all wet): future nightstalkers take a break from ingress/egress training at "the dunker" in jacksonville, florida (think: "an officer and a gentleman"). ...jim, who was our class leader, is third from the right.
circa de 1991

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IP-4: smoothie of the day

alternative title: carrot top

note: for the meaning of "IP," please click on IP-1 here, or IP-2, or IP-3.

for those of us who'd like to enjoy vibrant health, but haven't yet gotten fully into "juicing," wIe can keep it simple with smoothies.
today's (carrot top) smoothie was made with:

* 2 bananas
* 6 carrots (tops cut off)
* 1/4 cup-ish orange juice (to liquefy)

* (optional) handful of nuts (i went with salted peanuts, since that what was within reach)
* (optional) topped off with a tiny portion of chopped beets. ..the beets are "chopped" because i don't know how to create that "shaved" look

1. put ingredients in blender (don't put beets in the blender, unless you want a red drink**)
2. press "play"
3. put topping on top (low-fat whipped topping works, in a pinch)


* makes several delicious servings, needs no sweeteners (no ice cream, no yogurt). ..very, very filling.

* smoothies allow us to consume the pulp (and glean its fiber). ..juicers remove the pulp, giving you more vitamins/minerals per ounce, but i've found it hard to "throw away" the pulp.

* a good friend of mine has a composting system that may be highlighted on a future IP post. ..the system allows her to recycle the pulp, which results in nutrient-rich soil that has turned her backyard garden into a self-sustaining environment for herbs/vegetables/fruits. ..she also demonstrated a juicing process (from the opening of the fridge to the cleaning of the juicer) that took her only 7 minutes & 35 seconds. ..yum!

** actually, a beet drink (strawberries, carrots, ginger, etc.) with carrot shavings on top is another colorful way to get well.

4th of july (countdown... ten...)

(originally posted in may, 2009)
the thoem (below clare & jerry's picture) is sung to the tune of "100 years" by five for fighting, and is dedicated to a marriage relationship that i'd love to emulate...
i imagine my brother-in-law (jerry) singing "100 years" to my sister (clare) ... or maybe it's ALL of us men, singing to ALL of you, the lovely-est of love-ly ladies...
below (linked from YouTube) "100 years" by five for fighting.

below -- is my sister clare's chance, to sing back to jerry...
(again, to the tune of "100 years")

4th of july [1]
by clare-ly whenwe firstmet
i saw you there, just a marching by
a heartbeat (my, oh my, oh my)
my heart was taken…
...and then we danced and then we kissed...
-------------chorus music-----------------------
.....then a world of that and this
.....then (and now) a taste of Bliss
are we just lucky?

-------------chorus music-----------------------
.....after all these years with you
.....after all that we’ve been through
.....after all, I Love You…
after all ...
-------------chorus music-----------------------
.....here we are, back at the parade
.....here we are, the family we made
.....here we are, after all they said
here we are…
----------------------------------back to the beginning music-----
i saw you there, just a marching by
my heartbeat (now i know why)
I Love You
on this 4th of july...

* inspired by the meeting of my sister (clare) and my blood brother (jerry) on a 4th of july, at a parade, in bristol, rhode island -- and the crazy chance that all of us might be there, again, in a few short weeks.

6-23-09 update: it is ON! a group of family/friends (including jean, willy/judy/kelly/abby) has planned to brave the traffic and descend upon the bristol 4th of july parade. ..and, yes, there will be a small toast at the site of the initial jerry/clare re-Union.

tentative plan:
* thursday evening: pick up jean at airport (back to jo/al's - spaghetti & meatballs)
* friday breakfast: the jo/al experience; yoga/walk/jog at lincoln woods
* friday afternoon: jean gets a tour of little rhody (drive-by greene's florist in wickford?)
* friday evening: twin rivers (fireworks) ...usually hosted by steve martineau. ..this year, due to economic concerns, the north providence fireworks have been canceled. ..north providence is also threatening to cancel Christmas. ..we're looking for other firework options.
* friday night: willy, judy, kelly, abby arrive; picked-up at PVD by huey williams
*  saturday morning: drive to bristol, rhode island; park near roger williams college

(eat breakfast; toast clare & jerry; view parade; have fun)
* saturday afternoon: leave parade early for picnic at ft. weatherill (or the lighthouse).
* saturday evening: wakefield, rhode island. .. visit huey's outdoor bar & watch fireworks
* sunday (early): jean departs for tampa (for recovery, rahab, psychotherapy)

[1] martineau, l. (5-5.7-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009 www.wellnesseducation.us.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


after all, military intelligence is a no-brainer.

now and then
, asked about the new and improved mobile station, the honest politician said "no comment." ..almost everything is a safe investment now that our assistant manager discussed death benefits at a business party.

in a world of stagnant growth, free trade, liquid paper, friendly takovers and instant replay, job security is a moving target, going nowhere, fast (much like the home office).

it's bitter-sweet. ..when home schooled graduate students lose athletic scholarships for taking study breaks during practice tests, it's time to re-train the trainer.

on campus, students are barely dressed in casual chic designer jeans -- as dress pants and dress shirts made of natural synthetics accentuate costume jewelry.

odd, even a good lawyer would cringe -- given buffalo wings, boneless ribs, cheeze steak, and chili. 

while non-alcohol beer and decaffeinated coffee are passe' trends, cream soda (with diet ice cream over 12 ounce pound cake) makes an indescribably delicious healthy dessert -- next to gourmet fast food with natural additives that seem too good to be true.

is this an intelligent oxymoron, or just another unpublicized post?

happy birthday judy!

new years, 2006?

happy birthday, judy!

Christmas, 2008

new years, 2005?

........................pre-thanksgiving, 2000?

december, 1997

willy 'n judy's place, 2006?

for more on the jude, click here for a good story.