Saturday, May 30, 2009

we've been snowed

the statement that “no two snowflakes are alike”

is (obviously) a fabrication

by s. now

  1. in order to prove that “no two snowflakes are alike,” one would have to define "alike," and then determine “criteria” from which to compare snowflakes to one another (length, width, depth, weight, shape, color, etc.).

  1. assuming that agreed-upon snowflake criteria existed, one would then need a device that was sensitive enough to measure any possible snowflake differences.

  1. measurement would have to be a process, since snowflakes “change” (size, shape, composition) during a snowflake lifetime. .. in other words, the device would have to fly and measure (simultaneously, continuously).

  1. the measuring device would have to be so tiny that it would not disturb the flightpath of any other snowflake. would probably have to be operated remotely.

  1. the device (or “trillions and trillions of devices”) would have to measure each and every snowflake, and then send the data to a "central, eternal snowflake comparison database," in order to compare each to each.

  1. the device would have to measure every snowflake that falls during every snowstorm on earth. would also have to measure every snowflake that has ever fallen, and every snowflake that will ever fall. other words, the device would need to engage in time-travel.

  1. the device would have to visit every other planet in the Uni-Verse that had the slightest potential for a snowstorm.

  1. the device would have to measure every snowflake of all time, throughout the duration of its snowfake-lifetime, and store the data of every other snowflake, and then compare/contrast in order to perform a snowflake meta-analysis.

note: the same could be said for fingerprints, d.n.a., and several other phenomena that are allegedly “unique.”

soooooo… if you’ve ever bought into the "fact" that “no two are alike,” you’ve probably been snowed.

... .


...unless you go with an idea like "everything is alike," which is a paradigm shift of epic proportions.


[1] martineau, l. (1-5.8-2009). book 65: ‘neau news is G∞d news. © 2009 graphics by microsoft clipart.



  1. wow.

    that means that Everything is the Same (new) and that everything is unique (new).

    who would have known (or was that "")?