Thursday, May 28, 2009

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disclaimer: to the readers of this blog, i apologize in advance. ..i know that all of this stuff comes at you fast, and i know that it is overwhelming, at times.

imagine my own overwhelm-ment, because -- when you read one of these "posts," i'm feeling a world of meaning in each and every line (often, in a word). ..i cannot stop its relentless constancy, and it All means Everything, to me.

that being said, i'd like to thank no one in particular for turning me onto a video that, if an individual ever wanted to understand anything in this blog, well, they should view this video first.

click here for jill bolte taylor's powerful stroke of insight

now, "bi-polar, expressed" makes sense., "multiple personality order" makes sense. "It All" makes sense, and "making sense of it all" is no longer a necessity when you're living in two worlds.

(-: <<<<<it has become more of a game, a hobby, a passed-time >>>>>:-)

in an energetic world of apparent physicality, wIe simultaneuosly Play on vastly different Playgrounds that are each, well, part of the Same Whole.

surnrise/sunset/Son (Now) makes Perfect (non)sense.

wIe, for One, find pleasure in Knowing that "i am" is an illusary role, projected on a Dreamy Dance Floor, in a Play so Miraculous that words cannot begin to describe It.

On(c)e again, family/friends, i thank you (thank you, thank you)
for Playing, here,
in this magical sandbox of mine(d).

-Love, len

the beginning.


  1. this particular video brought back memories of when my sister (clare) suffered an aneurysm to the brain, several years ago.

    on that day, i witnessed extremely strong, grown men (e.g. my father, my brother-in-law) brought to their knees, as it were.

    although i never imagined that we'd lose clare, words can not express the gratitude that i share with my family members... blessed to have clare in our lives.

    stick around, baby! wIe LOVE you!
    sincerely, len