Friday, May 15, 2009


in (what must be) one of the best pictures ever taken, my brother (steve) demonstrates the "half-smile technique," aided by several budding smile-students.

upon further re-view, steve might actually be practicing the "OverDunn Olympic-Freestyle Fullsmile Technique," which is a modification of the half-smile.

* picture taken at "the moon" in tallahassee, florida (circa-de whenever).


  1. They sure do fluoridate the water over there in the States. This is why the British are so reserved, they don't dare show their teeth!

  2. .
    yes, we LOVE our dental floss.
    this post uses "black & white" and "color" very much like in "the wizard of oz" steve (obviously) is "not in kansas anymore."
    "somewhere, over the rainbow, smiles are bright" (or something like that).
    ((if i only had a brain, i'd find the courage to have a heart))
    that's enough, austin...