Monday, May 25, 2009

original sin

definitions (for this post):

sin: error. ..missing the mark. archery, the term "you sin" meant, "you missed the mark."

ego: the false sense of separate self. ..ego is an "apparent movement away from Allness" (Love/God/Oneness/The IS/etc., etc.)., ego man-i-fests as "fear," which is the opposite of love. ..ego/fear is Love, backwards.


the following two short paragraphs are excerpted from chapter 13 in "why is this happening to me again," by dr. michael rice, and can be found at

quote (below) by dr. rice:

* note: i didn't "Spiritually Script" the quote, so you can expect "conventional" spelling, punctuation, and coloration.

"Most of us have bought into sin as something terrible and awful. ..It is something we have been taught to feel guilty and bad about. ..Sin was originally meant to be positive feedback. ..The English translation of the Aramaic word, khata, is 'sin.' ..It is an archery term. ..When you fired at a target and missed the bull's eye, the scorekeeper yelled, 'Sin!' It meant, 'You are off the mark,' which, in practical terms, means improper for your energy system or less than your highest and best. ..It does not mean you are evil, damned or should be groveling in the dirt. ..The simple implication is to adjust your aim, it's time to take another shot, time to do something differently in your life!

"The human energy system is based on Love and created in the image and likeness of Love. ..When you put an energy that is less than what is proper into that system, you defile or destroy it. ..In the interest of self-preservation, it is good to have accurate feedback and know when you have sinned!!"

----------------------------------------------------end of quote--------------------------------------

i had always had issues with the term "original sin." ..the idea that humans were born "impure" and that we "had to work our way back into god's good graces" never made sense to me (on a number of levels).

nowadays, however, "original sin" makes sense, when i think of it as: "the first ego thought." .."ego," or the idea that "i am separate from you" is the seed of variety (in a relative world). is also the seed of judgment, criticism, shame, blame, anger, violence, war, etc.

if/when a consciousness perceives itself as separate (in-divid-u-al, a-part, a-lone, etc.) it is expressing ego. ..if i eat, drive, kiss, touch, sense... and if i buy into the notion that there is "something out there that is different from me, here" then i'm ego-ing.

it's okay.

ego is an illusion, a mistake, an error, a "you missed the mark."

"original sin" is nothing more than the human equivalent of making the mistake of "i am," when

i = "mini-me."


"i am" does not equal "I AM."

in the movie "the spy who shagged me," mini-me is not dr. evil.

dr. evil is austin powers, but only behind the scenes. ..when the move-ie is over, all of those "me" characters (dr. evil, austin powers, fat bastard, austin-10-minutes-from-now, etc.) -- yes, all of those "me's" magically trans-form into my-ers.


...or grown? ..anywaaaaaaaaaaaay...

original sin is necessary, in this, a relative world.

* it is necessary to (momentarily) forget that "All Is One," in order to re-Member.

* it is necessary to for-get, in order to For-Give.

* it is necessary to "forget Oneness" in order to enjoy the Game, the Dance, the Dream and the Dreama-drama. ..we "forget" on purpose when we go to the Move-ies or to Plays, and we intentionally turn the lights down low while accentuating the special effects.

* it is necessary to "miss the mark," if you ever plan on In-Joy-ing the experience of "on target."

* it is necessary to experience the false sense of separation in order to Bathe in the Joy of re-Union.

maybe this Whole thing is Love, Love-ing. ..maybe this Whole Play is Oneness, manifesting a physical, material playground. ..maybe it's just the IS, Is-ing.

from this perspective (which, by the way, is not professed to be "right"), original sin makes sense.

(drum roll... preceding the main point of this silly post):

you are not impure. were not "born in sin."

you (or wIe, rather) are the Perfectly unfolding Orchid, expressing Perfect Oneness in an apparently relative manner.

from that level (Level One) there is no separation, there is no sin, and wIe all get to Play (again, again, again).

smiles, -len

* it doesn't matter (to me) if this is all "wrong." ..i (apparently) sleep soundly at night thinking "It's All Good" as opposed to "sinner, repent."

It Is All Good (to me, anyway) is right On Target.


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* update (5-28-09) click here for an article that scientifically describes this post. ..with special thanks to no one in particular. :)


  1. Lovely post. Not dissimilar to mine today. It seems that whatever it was I called ego, I now call it "completely justifiable and rational responses to other's, usually my husband's, completely unreasonable behaviour."

    That was a joke. Pretty much.

  2. why, thank you, my sweet no one!

    i took a few days away from the nondual world, in order to partake in some of the pleasures of for-getting...

    ...but i'll check out your post (after going to another pool party).

    i LOVE your jokes. being single, i've always been intrigued by the drama of spousal relationships, you know, the yin/yang-ness of It All.

    it's funny, here, how ego is so "catchy."

    if "Namaste" means "the Divinity in me re-Cognizes the Divinity in you"... then the rhode island version (stated with anger) "namast-HEY!" means "the ego in me recognizes the ego in you."

    when lenny's "e" is on the "go," we call that "lennego." dude usually learns that the ego-rush brings only fleeting satisfaction. (sounds of the rolling stones, in the background) "i can't get no..."

    :) :) :) :) :)

  3. No one can leggo my ego. What needs to be leggo is what leggos.

  4. .
    wow, no one.

    that's either 17 dangling participles...
    ...or the deeeeeepest one-liner in the his-story of post-comments!

    in a world of leggos and eggos, here's to meeting in the middle -- and to just holding on!

    (or was that "letting go?")