Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a message from Beyond

by a. b. utterfly & d. e. ceased

it must seem strange, from your perspective…

you’re still in the sandbox, and it seems as if i’ve moved away…

you’re still at the Dance, and it seems as if i’ve left early…

you’re still in the Play, and it seems as if my character “died”…

you’re still materialized, and it seems as if i’m I’mmaterial…

the Reality is that I Am Right Here, with you, Right Now.

the Reality is that I Am the sand in the box,

and I Am the song,

and I Am the stage.

we are One.

yes, yes, yes, it seems as if I’ve transformed from caterpillar to butterfly ahead of you, but the Reality is that your character needs to express her-self a little more, before the curtain closes for you.

since you’re still in character, it’s virtually impossible to be immersed in the Play and to be with me, backstage, simultaneously. ..don't even try. ..your Now moments are for you.

I’m watching, I’m supportive, I’m Here.

you cannot but Play your Perfect Role in your own drama. ..I get to sit in the audience (laughing with you and crying with you), as you’re mystory unfolds.

you’ve got more than a few scenes left to Play out. ..believe me when I say:

“what seems to take years (there) is but a nanosecond of stage time.”

cry, if you need to (I’m Here).

,,laugh, when you can (so I can Smile).

,,,,Dance, Play, crawl…

,,,,,,…yes, you’ll do it All.

in the blink of an eye, you’ll be Here, with Me...


* do not worry.

* live your life, to its fullest.

* focus on what you’d love to do, there, and do more and more and more of that.

we are not separated. ,,I’ve never left the room.

* by design, caterpillars cannot See Butterflies – because doing so would remove all of the thick, rich, juicy drama of caterpillaring.

* by design, i’ve (momentarily) left the sandbox, so that you can create sandi stories on your own.

* by design, my character has checked-out of the hotel, so that you can have the room to yourself for awhile.

you might not be able to re-Cognize this all of the time,

but It is a Perfect Design.

I Love You.

I Surround You with Grace.

I’m wrapped around you, night after night and day after day… and I Know that (in no time), You and I will share a Flight of Freedom sooooooo incomprehensible – that you will laugh, thinking back about that which you appear to be going through, on planet earth, right now.

* you are on your perfect path.

* wIe are on y-Our Perfect Path.

* there is on-ly One Path, although you’ll get a few more chances to choose a few more directions, just for fun.

your flower is unfolding, and you are poised to bloom.

* as you Bloom, do so with passion!

* as you Dance, do it with style!

* as you Play, Be! Express! Create! (do not repress)


I’m Here. ,,I Am applauding your every moment.

I’m Here. ..I Am hanging on your every line.

I’m Here. ..I Am Smiling (Huge), knowing that I’ve Played a role, in your Play.

I. Love. You.


* pictures by clare dunn

* the authors of this thoem, a. b. utterfly and d. e. ceased are entities that appear to have "died," while, in Reality, they are flying!

* by definition,
"de-ceased" means "to cease ceasing." ..stay tuned -- for a thoem entitled "de-ceased."



  1. Len,

    Thank you so much for putting it all into perspective. For me, this has been the most moving, personal message of all. You ease my pain and bring new hope for the days ahead.

    I love you,

  2. Dear Jean,

    I'd LOVE to take credit for this post, but all I did was place my fingers on the keys and think of You and think of Love.

    What wrote itself... well... It's Beyond me...

    (although I Feel It... :)

    Love, Lenny

  3. Len,

    I've revisited this blog today for a reason. I'm not sure if I ever told you, but Jim and I met on 9/9/03. After we had been together for 3+ years, we decided we would get married on our 6th anniversary which would be 9/9/09. It's hard to believe that tomorrow would have been my "wedding day". This is not one that I'm able to skate past easily. Please keep me in your thoughts.