Saturday, May 30, 2009

lost in space

lost in space [1] 
by n. o. place & n. o. time 

warning! warning! warning!
 rat within a race
 time becomes an anchor (when we find we’re lost in space)

 danger! danger! danger!"
 see and touch and taste
 senses turn to nonsense (as we find we’re lost in space)

 warning! warning! danger! danger!"
 it’s a fall from Grace
it’s a Grand Illusion, here (and now we're lost in space)

when watching a lost in space re-run, that particular episode’s time and space are (in reality) mere projections on a screen.
  • will robinson might see an alien, when (in reality) it’s just somebody in a gorilla costume.
  • dr. smith might appear to dis-like the taste of an apple from some distant planet, but we (the observer) don’t even know if he’s really eating the thing.
  • penny listens to virtual music while major don west’s heart is pounding, as he smells the scent of judy's perfume, and image-ins her in a spaced-out bikini.
  • the robot appears to be a machine, yet “hefeels -- with more of a human-side than that of spouses john & june (who never even kiss). 
the Whole thing is a Play, a move-ie, a tell-a-vision show, a my-story, a projection.
the metaphor (that we are lost in space) implies that we (when we forget our Connection to All that Is) are lost in the drama of space-time.

there will come a moment, however, when this (our show) will end.
at the end of our Play, we’ll All gather (backstage). ..when the curtain re-opens, we’ll all be holding hands (victim & perpetrator, bad-guy & good-guy). ..we’ll bow(wow-wow) to the audience, and then we’ll experience a Higher Level of Reality…
we might go to a post-Play party, which might simply turn out to be (yet) another level, in another Play.
some might call it a “fall from Grace,” but maybe we’re just lost, in space.

[1] martino, j. (5-30.1-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009

* graphic of my favorite character in the show: "the robot." -


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