Saturday, May 30, 2009

just a great story... happened 20 years ago, today.

what you'll read (when you click on the link below) is a story that always brings tears to my eyes. involves two oppositical entities (florida state university and providence college) who (via the gods of baseball) became One.

background notes for the story:

1. the "animals" are florida state's fun-loving group of fans who sit in "section b" of dick howser stadium for every, single f.s.u. baseball game. ..they make jokes, they sing songs and they unmercifully harass the opposing team, eventually "getting into their heads." ..the animals tend to party (e.g. tailgate) in the f.s.u. circus parking lot before and after each game.

2. the providence college friars baseball team made it to the n.c.a.a. tournament back in 1999, in the year when p.c.'s baseball program was being terminated due to funding cuts that were brought on by a program called "title ix." ..northern college baseball teams are never expected to fare well in the florida heat, and p.c. was the fourth (out of four) teams to be seeded in this regional tournament.


  1. Those uplifting-type stories, where apparent differences between people melt away, are some of the most satisfying stories of all.

  2. may we all taste a bit of that (All, in Good, taste)

    your bro, len :)