Sunday, May 24, 2009

femino family re-Union

some families have reunions.

my family has "the femino family re-Union."'s a family picnic, on steriods.

invitation (below):

this year, the theme is hawaiian.

you can expect:

* family colors (leis, shirts, etc.) -- so we have some idea of "who's who."
* bocce (this year, it will be coconut bocce)
* limbo???
* penny social
* gift baskets
* the blessing of the feast, by aunt kay
* (traditional) bingo - not the new zealand kind
* games for the kids
* scavenger hunts
* "shared table" goodies
* sporting events (e.g. the world famous femino "egg toss")
* and too much more to mention, all engulfed by...

Love, Love, Love!

if you are not family, and if you are anywhere near warren, rhode island this july 11th -- be very afraid if an italian lady offers you a meatball sandwich. could find yourself in a one-legged sack race, wearing a hula-hoop.


* note: if you are a femino offspring, please send me your pictures (especially the BIG ones, with multiple families) from past re-Unions!

-love, len

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