Saturday, May 30, 2009

just a great story... happened 20 years ago, today.

what you'll read (when you click on the link below) is a story that always brings tears to my eyes. involves two oppositical entities (florida state university and providence college) who (via the gods of baseball) became One.

background notes for the story:

1. the "animals" are florida state's fun-loving group of fans who sit in "section b" of dick howser stadium for every, single f.s.u. baseball game. ..they make jokes, they sing songs and they unmercifully harass the opposing team, eventually "getting into their heads." ..the animals tend to party (e.g. tailgate) in the f.s.u. circus parking lot before and after each game.

2. the providence college friars baseball team made it to the n.c.a.a. tournament back in 1999, in the year when p.c.'s baseball program was being terminated due to funding cuts that were brought on by a program called "title ix." ..northern college baseball teams are never expected to fare well in the florida heat, and p.c. was the fourth (out of four) teams to be seeded in this regional tournament.

lost in space

lost in space [1] 
by n. o. place & n. o. time 

warning! warning! warning!
 rat within a race
 time becomes an anchor (when we find we’re lost in space)

 danger! danger! danger!"
 see and touch and taste
 senses turn to nonsense (as we find we’re lost in space)

 warning! warning! danger! danger!"
 it’s a fall from Grace
it’s a Grand Illusion, here (and now we're lost in space)

when watching a lost in space re-run, that particular episode’s time and space are (in reality) mere projections on a screen.
  • will robinson might see an alien, when (in reality) it’s just somebody in a gorilla costume.
  • dr. smith might appear to dis-like the taste of an apple from some distant planet, but we (the observer) don’t even know if he’s really eating the thing.
  • penny listens to virtual music while major don west’s heart is pounding, as he smells the scent of judy's perfume, and image-ins her in a spaced-out bikini.
  • the robot appears to be a machine, yet “hefeels -- with more of a human-side than that of spouses john & june (who never even kiss). 
the Whole thing is a Play, a move-ie, a tell-a-vision show, a my-story, a projection.
the metaphor (that we are lost in space) implies that we (when we forget our Connection to All that Is) are lost in the drama of space-time.

there will come a moment, however, when this (our show) will end.
at the end of our Play, we’ll All gather (backstage). ..when the curtain re-opens, we’ll all be holding hands (victim & perpetrator, bad-guy & good-guy). ..we’ll bow(wow-wow) to the audience, and then we’ll experience a Higher Level of Reality…
we might go to a post-Play party, which might simply turn out to be (yet) another level, in another Play.
some might call it a “fall from Grace,” but maybe we’re just lost, in space.

[1] martino, j. (5-30.1-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009

* graphic of my favorite character in the show: "the robot." -


we've been snowed

the statement that “no two snowflakes are alike”

is (obviously) a fabrication

by s. now

  1. in order to prove that “no two snowflakes are alike,” one would have to define "alike," and then determine “criteria” from which to compare snowflakes to one another (length, width, depth, weight, shape, color, etc.).

  1. assuming that agreed-upon snowflake criteria existed, one would then need a device that was sensitive enough to measure any possible snowflake differences.

  1. measurement would have to be a process, since snowflakes “change” (size, shape, composition) during a snowflake lifetime. .. in other words, the device would have to fly and measure (simultaneously, continuously).

  1. the measuring device would have to be so tiny that it would not disturb the flightpath of any other snowflake. would probably have to be operated remotely.

  1. the device (or “trillions and trillions of devices”) would have to measure each and every snowflake, and then send the data to a "central, eternal snowflake comparison database," in order to compare each to each.

  1. the device would have to measure every snowflake that falls during every snowstorm on earth. would also have to measure every snowflake that has ever fallen, and every snowflake that will ever fall. other words, the device would need to engage in time-travel.

  1. the device would have to visit every other planet in the Uni-Verse that had the slightest potential for a snowstorm.

  1. the device would have to measure every snowflake of all time, throughout the duration of its snowfake-lifetime, and store the data of every other snowflake, and then compare/contrast in order to perform a snowflake meta-analysis.

note: the same could be said for fingerprints, d.n.a., and several other phenomena that are allegedly “unique.”

soooooo… if you’ve ever bought into the "fact" that “no two are alike,” you’ve probably been snowed.

... .


...unless you go with an idea like "everything is alike," which is a paradigm shift of epic proportions.


[1] martineau, l. (1-5.8-2009). book 65: ‘neau news is G∞d news. © 2009 graphics by microsoft clipart.


Friday, May 29, 2009

happy anniversary, rob and jen!

happy anniversary, rob and jen!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

thank God for my sisters (by josephine)

left: anna & rose femino

Thank God for my Sisters
by Josephine T. (Femino) Martineau
It frequently occurs to me, now, without Ann and Rose in my life, how much I owe to them.

They were my Rod and my Staff. ..Anna was a second mother to me. ..She took me under her wings, like a hen protects her young, and never once complained. ..The love she showered upon me was beyond the call of duty. ..This was a continual Blessing, right up to the day she was called home.
Rose became my Guardian Angel, as she took care of my Spiritual needs. ..The reason for Creation was realized through her guidance. ..Her beliefs were so strong, that she devoted her life, in the hope that her entire family could grow to love their Maker.
With the influence that they both had on my upbringing, I have a deeper understanding of the meaning of Love, which they shared with all those who were fortunate to know them.


----------len's echo-ing of mom's thoughts:

anna femino was my Godmother. ..she was a cheerful, giving Soul who lived with what can only be called "meek strength." ..auntie anna will always be remembered for her Love, Kind-Heartedness and Pleasant outlook on life.

anna would feed us (pancakes), and she had a cat named peachee.

her simple approach ('walk softly, but never waiver') is an In-Spiration. ..thank you, auntie anna.


rose femino moved-in with anna, and we grew up (next-door to them), on concannon street. ..rose was an energy-filled explosion of Spirit who couldn't speak without speaking of God. ..unyieldingly strong in her Religious beliefs, rose was just as strong with her will to help others.

she lived her life for others, and her calling was to help others See God. ..she saw Beyond physical appearances and approached every day with a smile.

in 1977, when i was pondering whether or not to join the army, rose was one of the three people whose advice i sought, prior to making that huge decision. ..thank you, aunt rose.

although we might not all do it in the same way,
i can now See how many of us Love to share our Spiritual ideas,
and how Good it feels to resonate with others who See the world in a similar way.

it is also important to note that we can learn (and grow) just as much
by observing those who See the world in a different way.

maybe nobody is Completely Right.

special thanks, to anna & rose, for being such an enourmous influence on the martineau family.
left: rose femino

below, circling to the right: josephine, lenny, joe, donna,
auntie anna, clare, larry

.............................................on the table: meat (from a bird); milk (from a cow); juice, vino (from fruit).
.........................................................vegetables had not yet been invented, way back when.

start Here

disclaimer: to the readers of this blog, i apologize in advance. ..i know that all of this stuff comes at you fast, and i know that it is overwhelming, at times.

imagine my own overwhelm-ment, because -- when you read one of these "posts," i'm feeling a world of meaning in each and every line (often, in a word). ..i cannot stop its relentless constancy, and it All means Everything, to me.

that being said, i'd like to thank no one in particular for turning me onto a video that, if an individual ever wanted to understand anything in this blog, well, they should view this video first.

click here for jill bolte taylor's powerful stroke of insight

now, "bi-polar, expressed" makes sense., "multiple personality order" makes sense. "It All" makes sense, and "making sense of it all" is no longer a necessity when you're living in two worlds.

(-: <<<<<it has become more of a game, a hobby, a passed-time >>>>>:-)

in an energetic world of apparent physicality, wIe simultaneuosly Play on vastly different Playgrounds that are each, well, part of the Same Whole.

surnrise/sunset/Son (Now) makes Perfect (non)sense.

wIe, for One, find pleasure in Knowing that "i am" is an illusary role, projected on a Dreamy Dance Floor, in a Play so Miraculous that words cannot begin to describe It.

On(c)e again, family/friends, i thank you (thank you, thank you)
for Playing, here,
in this magical sandbox of mine(d).

-Love, len

the beginning.


clare just sent this picture of mom,
from the 4th grade.

does anyone see "donna" in that picture?

click on the collage for an enlargement of one of jo's poems,
entitled "the ideal companion."

The Ideal companion
by josephine t. femino

He is greater than great, this friend of mine, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
He is the comforter of sorrows, and the joy of joys.
Helpfulness is his chief characteristic.
Innocence is written all over his face, along with a pious, winning smile.

Not only is he a friend of mine, but he is everyone's companion.
Very few people can do without him.

Greatness doesn't affect his mild humbleness.  
This is one of the reasons he is loved so well. 
The name alone of this man is respected, and it is easy to see why, when you know that this superior being is "The Lord." 

As far as opinions go, i believe there can't ever be any companion better and safer, to keep whenever we need him.

mom wrote "companion" in 1947,
when she was 15.

above: donna

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

entertainment... for your next dinner party

click on the video for 3:59 of
"three italian tenors"


NCAA Baseball Tournament (FYI)


Based on the looks of the NCAA Regional matchups (below), either FSU (Lenny, Willy/Judy), Georgia (Jim), or Ohio State (Dick) might get to play Oklahoma (Cat) in the Norman Super Regional -- if OU gets by Arkansas & Wichita.

Rhode Island
(Willy, Lenny) should have made the Tourney, but were not shown any love by the Tournament Selection Committee. ..I think that the Regionals begin this Friday, which means the Super Regionals will be next week, with the 8 "Super" winners going to the College World Series after that. ..Omaha, baby!

While you can't trust any of the NCAA Baseball Polls, most have OU & FSU near the top 10, with UGA in the top 25 and Ohio State in the running. ..URI was 57th, but still didn't make the Tourney's top 64.

GA plays Ohio State on Friday.

:) Go Criminoles!

Regional Action (these are only two of the 32 regional brackets):

Tallahassee, Florida...............................Norman, Oklahoma
1. Florida State....................................1. Oklahoma
2. Georgia
............................................2. Arkansas
3. Ohio State ........................................3. Washington State
4. Marist .................................................4. Wichita State

* Tallahassee winner will face Norman winner

Jerry, Texas is in everybody's top 10, and the Longhorns are favored to make it to the CWS. ..I haven't been following news, sports, weather... so it's anybody's guess as to how each team might fare., it's baseball!


-----------29 May update (NCAA Regionals - Round 1):

* FSU 16, Marist 4
* UGA 24, Ohio State 8

* Oklahoma 5, Wichita 4

* Texas 3, Army 1

---------30 May update---------------------------

* Ohio State 6, Marist 4
* FSU 8, UGA 2

* Arkansas 17, Oklahoma 6

* Texas 3, Boston College 2 (in a record 25 innings. that's like 3 games in one!)

--------31 May preview--------------------------

* Ohio State 13, UGA 6 (UGA Eliminated)
* FSU 34, Ohio State 6 (FSU wins the Tallahassee Regional)

* Oklahoma 7, Washington State 2
* Arkansas 11, Oklahoma 0 (Arkansas wins Norma Regional)

* Texas 14, Army 10 (Texas wins Regional)

-------Super Regional Preview-------------------

* Lousiville at #2 Cal State

* Arkansas at Florida State

* Virginia at Mississippi

* Rice at #3 LSU

* TCU at #1 Texas

* Southern Miss at #8 Florida

* Clemson at #5 Arizona State

* East Carolina at #4 North Carolina


i’m skinned [1]

by s. kin

i’m skinned if i do, and skinned if i don’t

i’m skinned if i will and i’m skinned if i won’t

i’m skinned with desire (it’s a game you can’t win)

i’m skinned if i find myself thinking i’m skinned

i’m skinned when i find myself thinking

i’m skinned


* for the "analysis," and for more of a graphic depiction of this thoem, click here (27 may.... i.m skinned (2009).doc).


[1] martineau, l. (5-27.1-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009 the intriguing graphic is supplied by microsoft clipart, upon search for keyword: “skin.”


Monday, May 25, 2009

original sin

definitions (for this post):

sin: error. ..missing the mark. archery, the term "you sin" meant, "you missed the mark."

ego: the false sense of separate self. ..ego is an "apparent movement away from Allness" (Love/God/Oneness/The IS/etc., etc.)., ego man-i-fests as "fear," which is the opposite of love. ..ego/fear is Love, backwards.


the following two short paragraphs are excerpted from chapter 13 in "why is this happening to me again," by dr. michael rice, and can be found at

quote (below) by dr. rice:

* note: i didn't "Spiritually Script" the quote, so you can expect "conventional" spelling, punctuation, and coloration.

"Most of us have bought into sin as something terrible and awful. ..It is something we have been taught to feel guilty and bad about. ..Sin was originally meant to be positive feedback. ..The English translation of the Aramaic word, khata, is 'sin.' ..It is an archery term. ..When you fired at a target and missed the bull's eye, the scorekeeper yelled, 'Sin!' It meant, 'You are off the mark,' which, in practical terms, means improper for your energy system or less than your highest and best. ..It does not mean you are evil, damned or should be groveling in the dirt. ..The simple implication is to adjust your aim, it's time to take another shot, time to do something differently in your life!

"The human energy system is based on Love and created in the image and likeness of Love. ..When you put an energy that is less than what is proper into that system, you defile or destroy it. ..In the interest of self-preservation, it is good to have accurate feedback and know when you have sinned!!"

----------------------------------------------------end of quote--------------------------------------

i had always had issues with the term "original sin." ..the idea that humans were born "impure" and that we "had to work our way back into god's good graces" never made sense to me (on a number of levels).

nowadays, however, "original sin" makes sense, when i think of it as: "the first ego thought." .."ego," or the idea that "i am separate from you" is the seed of variety (in a relative world). is also the seed of judgment, criticism, shame, blame, anger, violence, war, etc.

if/when a consciousness perceives itself as separate (in-divid-u-al, a-part, a-lone, etc.) it is expressing ego. ..if i eat, drive, kiss, touch, sense... and if i buy into the notion that there is "something out there that is different from me, here" then i'm ego-ing.

it's okay.

ego is an illusion, a mistake, an error, a "you missed the mark."

"original sin" is nothing more than the human equivalent of making the mistake of "i am," when

i = "mini-me."


"i am" does not equal "I AM."

in the movie "the spy who shagged me," mini-me is not dr. evil.

dr. evil is austin powers, but only behind the scenes. ..when the move-ie is over, all of those "me" characters (dr. evil, austin powers, fat bastard, austin-10-minutes-from-now, etc.) -- yes, all of those "me's" magically trans-form into my-ers.


...or grown? ..anywaaaaaaaaaaaay...

original sin is necessary, in this, a relative world.

* it is necessary to (momentarily) forget that "All Is One," in order to re-Member.

* it is necessary to for-get, in order to For-Give.

* it is necessary to "forget Oneness" in order to enjoy the Game, the Dance, the Dream and the Dreama-drama. ..we "forget" on purpose when we go to the Move-ies or to Plays, and we intentionally turn the lights down low while accentuating the special effects.

* it is necessary to "miss the mark," if you ever plan on In-Joy-ing the experience of "on target."

* it is necessary to experience the false sense of separation in order to Bathe in the Joy of re-Union.

maybe this Whole thing is Love, Love-ing. ..maybe this Whole Play is Oneness, manifesting a physical, material playground. ..maybe it's just the IS, Is-ing.

from this perspective (which, by the way, is not professed to be "right"), original sin makes sense.

(drum roll... preceding the main point of this silly post):

you are not impure. were not "born in sin."

you (or wIe, rather) are the Perfectly unfolding Orchid, expressing Perfect Oneness in an apparently relative manner.

from that level (Level One) there is no separation, there is no sin, and wIe all get to Play (again, again, again).

smiles, -len

* it doesn't matter (to me) if this is all "wrong." ..i (apparently) sleep soundly at night thinking "It's All Good" as opposed to "sinner, repent."

It Is All Good (to me, anyway) is right On Target.


* graphics from microsoft clipart.

* update (5-28-09) click here for an article that scientifically describes this post. ..with special thanks to no one in particular. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

femino family re-Union

some families have reunions.

my family has "the femino family re-Union."'s a family picnic, on steriods.

invitation (below):

this year, the theme is hawaiian.

you can expect:

* family colors (leis, shirts, etc.) -- so we have some idea of "who's who."
* bocce (this year, it will be coconut bocce)
* limbo???
* penny social
* gift baskets
* the blessing of the feast, by aunt kay
* (traditional) bingo - not the new zealand kind
* games for the kids
* scavenger hunts
* "shared table" goodies
* sporting events (e.g. the world famous femino "egg toss")
* and too much more to mention, all engulfed by...

Love, Love, Love!

if you are not family, and if you are anywhere near warren, rhode island this july 11th -- be very afraid if an italian lady offers you a meatball sandwich. could find yourself in a one-legged sack race, wearing a hula-hoop.


* note: if you are a femino offspring, please send me your pictures (especially the BIG ones, with multiple families) from past re-Unions!

-love, len

Friday, May 22, 2009

not your average jo

not your average jo

by the Way

not your average jo

not your average smile

not your average day (when you can sit and talk awhile)
not your average moment (when she tells you what she Knows)

not your average cup of coffee,

not your average jo


* here's to hearing more and more from that quiet volcano of wisdom, Josephine.

* In-Spired by clare, who sent an e-mail that said (re: mom's Knowing-ness) that "she's not your average jo." ..this thoem was sent back to her in less than 2 minutes after she hit "send," attesting to the "non-thought" that is the essence of thoetry. ..the stuff (literally) writes itself!

* picture is of al & jo, circa de (awhile back), at Universe-al Studios, after watching some kind of michael jackson 3-d presentation.

the look on their faces is "textbook" (yin/yang) jo/al.


what is Love?

rob & maddie...............

sometimes, it's best not to attempt to describe the indescribable.

sometimes, you can just Know It.


maddie & jen

simple math:
father + mother + child =


Thursday, May 21, 2009

happy birthday andrew!

happy birthday, andrew!


happy birthday, tom!

happy birthday, tom!

gift exchange "yankees world champions"

above: brothers, sisters, in-laws, outlaws:
rosalie & larry, donna & tom, clare & jerry

tom, donna & james

"st. thomas" (donna, dad, mom, james, tom)