Wednesday, April 29, 2009

row, row, row your boat

no one in particular wrote a poem as a comment on the post entitled "no one in particular."

since i felt that her poem was poetic, i decided to analyze the un-analyzable, in my own lennyworld way. ..what follows is her poem/thoem, and my humble attempt to See Beyond the words, into the Mind of "Every-One, in particularized." (form)

--------------------------her poem, below------------------------------

Row, row, row your boat

So the boat is rowed.

Merrily, warily, scarily, verily

Look! The boat is towed.

-by “no one in particular”



color-code (below)

red is an apparent movement away from Love (ego) <<<<>>>>blue is an apparent movement toward Love

  • here, in the material world, we “do” (row, row, row) and we experience the illusion of ownership (i.e. boats, spouses, houses, etc.).

  • so the boat is rowed” implies that we are not the only one “rowing.” ..there could be a collective-consciousness, influencing the various variables that affect the boat-ride.

  • merrily, warily, scarily, verily” explains the roller-coaster-like, up & down dance of duality. .."verily" could mean "more," and it could be a fun way to hint that "virility" is the path-way to life's co-creation, here. ..let it be said, Here & Now, that i'm pro-creation!



  • Look!” implies “See-ing Beyond,” which implies “Awakening,” which implies “Opening” of the “I” -- to the in-Light-enment that sur-rounds the boat, as it flows (gently, down the stream).

  • “the boat is towed” is a beautiful way to describe the idea that Oneness Is, and that the course (it-self) is an illusion (of Course), and that “rowing” is moot.

  • in the final analysis, verily, varily, vurily, virily, life is but a Dream.

sidenote: “row” backwards is “wor” which is the experience of trying to “make” life “wor-k” with-in a dual/duel, relative, material construct -- where everything seems to be separate (or a-part, in pieces).

Peace, however, is the Love-ing Way out of wor-ry, during the very times when this world has gone to pieces.

: ) -len


  1. Nicely pulled apart and analyzed. "Verily" I suppose I meant to be "truthfully" introducing the concept of not controlling the boat in the last line. More importantly, it has the distinct advantage of rhyming with "merrily, warily, scarily." Len, you honour "me" with your attention and enthusiasm. Thank you very much.

  2. Yes, yes... I like the "verily as truthfully" -- verily much.

    Regarding "lenthusiasm": When you're cursed with the lennybrain, which (of Course) I Am, you cannot help but over-analyze the un-analyzable.

    Por moi, it's a no-brainer. :) -Len