Wednesday, April 29, 2009

no one in particular

no one in particular [1]

inspired by no one in particular

no one in particular, met me yesterday

out there in the sandbox (it’s a place where children Play)

co-creating mystories and Dancing in the sand

no one in particular reached out and held my hand


  • this thoem is dedicated, in gratitude, to the bundles of energy who we (apparently) meet, only to re-Cognize that wIe are “they,” in a world of Spiritual Play.

  • call it what you will, and your will co-creates the call.

  • ...and that’s all i have to say about that.


for a depiction of this thoem (with graphics),

click -> 29 april.... no one in particular (2009).doc

[1] martineau, l. (4-29.1-2009). book 65: there’s a reason why you are here. © 2009 by no one in particular is the "poem of the day,", 29 april.

* for more of an in-depth view of "no one in particular," visit, click on "nothing exists, but appearances," and prepare yourself for the fusion of In-Sight & art.




  1. Row, row, row your boat
    So the boat is rowed.
    Merrily, warily, scarily, verily
    Look! The boat is towed.

  2. Well... THAT is deeeep.

    I'm going to try to apply some lenalysis to that poetic master-piece!

    More to follow, on a post near you!
    :) Lenman