Monday, April 27, 2009

flash future, II

for those of you who might be interested in traveling overseas, scroll down (a bit) for a workshop/playshop near you!

* 2 may - bruce springsteen, greensboro, north carolina (pete & jennie might visit nc)

* june, july, august - possible workshop tour, florida.

* 1-14 july - lenny visits family in rhode island

* 11 july - femino family reunion, bristol, rhode island


* september, 2009: thai massage (pura vida, costa rica)

* november, 2009: thai massage cruise (belize, cozumel)

* march, 2010: wellness boot camp (belize)

* may, 2010: thai massage (pura vida, costa rica)

stay tuned for more wellness boot camps (destin, florida; charlotte, n.c.; maybe costa rica; maybe bali). ..note: a wellness boot camp is when you enjoy a vacation (and... instead of gaining weight), you get in better shape -- while mapping out your ultimate future by taking advantage of your presents.


wellness boot camps emphasize:

* fun
* yoga, fitness, meditation, massage
* positive experiences, in a positively gorgeous environment
* YOU! -- which includes documentation of the most important thing in y(our) You-niverse: YOUR Thoughts!

(more to follow)


-picture of maho bay on st. john, u.s.v.i., where they have an eco camp that might be purrrrrfect for a wellness boot camp!


  1. U.L.,
    Count me in some-Time--like 2010. I must go to the Kumbha Mela and bathe in the Ganges on 04/14/2010---my 41st birthday,though--and, be blessed by whomever it is,that is calling me to Him/Her/Us. I will definitely take the Road less travelled if need there any other way?
    PURA VIDA, Mano!

  2. No, ladies and germs, George is not speaking in tongues (wait a minute -- he IS in N'Aaaallins, on a two-week personal Mardis Gras...

    Anywaaaay... I googled "Khumbha Mela" and found that one can (quote): " Blessed by God..." and have all "karma" removed when they bathe in the Ganges. Hopefully, it just re-moves the bad karma. :)

    Check out:

    Keep rockin', Geo! How is the pre-party going?

    Pura Vida, my brother,

  3. PS: Geo, in 2010, the focus will be "Wellness Boot Camps" -- where you go on a GREAT vacation, but:

    * instead of gaining 10 lbs and needing another vacation,

    * you immerse yourself in a wellness lifestyle that puts you on course to experience the Highest-Level of mind-body-Spirit-environment (Wellness) of your life!

    Expect meditation, yoga, massage, fitness (yes, this includes dancing), excursions...