Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"I Am" ...Is

“I Am” …Is [1]

by I. Amming & I. Issing

let’s take a moment to explore the magical phrase, “I Am.”

“I Am” is the only thing that wIe really, Really Know.

think about it: all of our senses provide us with skewed, inaccurate data.

our eyes perceive huge buildings, trees and mountains as "tiny" (from a distance),

even though they are much larger than perceived.

our ears hear the sound of thunder, long after the lightning-bolt accompanied the sound.

the input mechanisms which (literally) provide us with our experience here (our senses),

are fun-duh-mentally flawed!

history & research prove only one thing: we are wrong. ..we’ve been wrong all along. ..we thought that the earth was flat; we’ve prayed to gods of the sun; we used to cut people, to heal them; we thought that the earth was the center of the universe, etc., etc.

even current research, for “validity” purposes, justifies itself based upon “the .05 level,” meaning that we consider something “proved” if it happens 95 times out of 100. ..everyone knows that research is flawed, and everyone knows that history is only as correct as the documentation of it (in books, videos, etc.) by the perceiver. ..even in your own life, you've got past "history" that you see differently than someone else.

you’ve probably wondered if This Whole Thing isn’t some kind of Giant Movie,

all going on in your head.

or (better yet), maybe you don’t even have a head –

maybe This Whole Thing is a Dream-like projection in your Mine(d).

with virtual-reality, drugs, out-of-body experiences, etc.,

the human mind can perceive all kinds of surreal existences.

maybe you’re perceiving one, right now.

maybe you are the only One who (Really) exists. ..maybe all of this is a projection. ..imagine if you were the “test” human, and the Research Gods were watching -- to determine if they should continue this “human being project” or not – based upon you!

while we could get into millions of scenarios, let’s revisit the one thing that you do Know:

“I Am.”

even if all of this is a projection, there is a certain “I Amness” inside of me that Knows that It Is, even if its experience of itself is incomplete. ..my guess is that you have the same experience, and that (if you peel away all of the possibilities), the one thing that you can be Sure of is that:

“You Is.”

deduction: "I Am" and/or "You Is" must have a "Source," unless, of Course, wIe are the Source.

-the Beginning.


are the eyes a window, or is it versa-vice?

[1] martineau, l. (4-28.1-2009). book 66: you are here for a reason. © 2009 www.wellnesseducation.us.

* note: my apologies for the multiple fonts in this post. ..there are some fundamental flaws in the blogger.com system that tend to "change" certain aspects of your original post from that which you upload. ..blogger does this at random. ..try as you might, you cannot "fix" blogger's perception of your post. ..sigh.

* note, two: in regard to the "deduction" (above), the horse named "mr. ed" might sing "a Source is a Source, of Course, of Course..."



  1. Hi Lenny,

    Nicely put, another good try with the nearly useless, but fun, words.

  2. Why, thank you, Suzanne!

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce (if you haven't already peeked) "no one in particular."

    Visit her blog for some of the deepest insights on No-thing-ness that you'll ever read.


    While you're there, you'll notice captivating art and a pulse soooo strong that you'll feel yours, beating in resonance.

    Smiles, Lenny