Sunday, March 1, 2009

un-belizeable! least that's what they say about the diving & snorkeling. ..i'll try to upload pics after i'm out of the city. ..pete's flight from n.j. got delayed (snow) and dick reinhardt wasn't able to make it down here this week.

the internet access will be sketchy, at best, so wish me luck on the blogging!


3-23-2009 (reflection, 21 days later)...

the truly un-belizable thing may be this little known fact regarding pete & my "plan" for belize:

1. we had no set plan.

2. literally, our "meet-up agreement" was to (a) land/baggage/process through customs, and (b) meet at the airport bar that was closest to baggage claim. ..true story.

3. all of my research said "go to san pedro on ambergris caye." the final analysis, ambergris caye was (and is) not even in contention as a place to dig-in. ..caye caulker was "home" from day one.

the lesson (if there is one): go ahead and make a plan, but don't feel restricted by it.

after that, just belize in yourself.


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