Tuesday, March 31, 2009

twin flame

twin flame

inspired by a Joy-Full conversation with Gorgeousness
Joanne Kibodyworks.com

dance the Perfect (passion) Tango,
flow, in Harmony
fly, in synchronized form-ation
dive, and buddy-Breathe

gaze unto your Sacred Mirror (this is not a game)
swirling Kiss (slow-motion Bliss) when that is thIs:

Twin Flame


* does each of us have a "Twin Flame" Soul Mate -- a Be-ing who we can meld & melt with (as One)?

* or... does life provide us with Twin Flame Moments -- when we re-Cognize You-nity?

* wouldn't the Twin Flame experience need an apparently separate reference point (e.g. ego) in order to know Bliss? ..in other words, would Light Know HerSelf, if there were no such thing as darkness?

* can a Twin Flame Moment happen with a stranger, a painting, a flow-er, or a song?

* can Love ever be wrong?

note: for a great energy-anatomy artbook, check out "sacred mirrors" by alex grey. ..some of his work is viewable at this link alex grey. ..check out the pic called "works and sacred mirrors." ..i think it's the first pic on the second row. ..Bliss, baby.

the graphic ("something fishy") for this post is a picture of a painting that captivated me, in the town of la fortuna, costa rica (2008).

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