Saturday, March 28, 2009

never (again)

the next time that my ego passes judgment on someone who is out there, in the middle of a city park, practicing tai chiqi gong or yoga...

...i'm going to have to pull out the mirror.

never again will i think weird thoughts about that person :)

yes, ladies and germs, just yesterday your boy went out there and got yogistic on the grass of parque nationale.

below: my yoga mat

below: boat pose (from a personal perspective)


so, the next time you see someone hugging a tree at your local parque, think:

"someday, that could be me"
(or not)


  1. Was that supposed to be a comment on my "San Jose has a pulse" post?

    :) Love, Len

  2. Nope! It's in response to the boat pose!

  3. We've got to thank the Femino-side of the family for those babies.