Monday, March 30, 2009

more on "buttons"

it's an interesting phenomenon when those who are closest to us most are the very ones who know exactly how to push our buttons.

the "pushee" normally states something like:

"that blankety-blank knows just how to push my buttons!"

what if a pushee re-worded that phrase, as follows:

"that beautiful soul has paid so much attention to me that
s/he knows exactly where my buttons are, and s/he knows exactly how hard to push!

s/he helps me remember that my buttons are quite large,
and i can now see how my buttons "button me up.

if i can reduce the size of any button, i'll become more and more free from
the negative emotions that arise when my button is pushed.

in fact, a person who pushes my buttons is an angel in disguise,
providing me with valuable information as to how to become more free."


maybe someday we'll all be able to unbutton our shirts and dance, heart-to-heart, with freedom of expression and embrace.

isn't it about time wIe un-button?


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