Monday, March 30, 2009

the magic has begun...

alternative title: lahla land, II

the magic has begun...

…and i (for the Life of me), cannot even begin to think about trying to make a futile attempt at describing It.


  1. Lenny- you really should be more careful..... such a story... cannot believe it's true.... a fall, down 3 steps, in pitch black; and a mirror hanging by a nail, waiting to curse on you 7 years of bad luck... but you were triumphant!!
    I am sure the stars are lined up in your favor...
    Have wonderful massage sessions with your students...

  2. Hi, Sonia!

    It (the week) was a GREAT experience.

    The class was small (7 student-teachers) and each one of them radiated a kind of energy that cannot easily be described.

    From start to finish, it was eight of us, learning, sharing, laughing, and thai-ing one on!

    Off the charts incredible!