Saturday, March 28, 2009

jasmine, by any other name...

the story:

i got dropped off at the airport via taxi by juan-jose (who drives taxis -- but also doubles as le spanish teacher de lenny). ..he gently placed my large backpack down next to my future wife, "jasmina." ..the ensuing conversation went like this:

lenny (smiling): hola!
jasmina (smiling): buenos dias!

lenny: habla ingles?
jasmina: uh... no, un poco, no...

lenny: hablo un poco, poco, poco, poco espanol

jasmina: te llama?
lenny: me llamo "lenny" ...y tu?

jasmina: "jasmina"

(we shake hands and smile again)

the remainder of our conversation was a weird combination of bad/good english/spanish, facial expressions, hand signals and body language.

to be honest, we couldn't understand anything that each other was trying to communicate. some point, we took each others' picture.

when "carlos" (my pura vida ride) showed-up, it was (sadly) time to, how do you say "departe'."

so, i did what any obnoxious american would do:

i hugged her goodbye, handed her my card, and said, quote: "hasta luego!"


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