Tuesday, March 31, 2009

twin flame

twin flame

inspired by a Joy-Full conversation with Gorgeousness
Joanne Kibodyworks.com

dance the Perfect (passion) Tango,
flow, in Harmony
fly, in synchronized form-ation
dive, and buddy-Breathe

gaze unto your Sacred Mirror (this is not a game)
swirling Kiss (slow-motion Bliss) when that is thIs:

Twin Flame


* does each of us have a "Twin Flame" Soul Mate -- a Be-ing who we can meld & melt with (as One)?

* or... does life provide us with Twin Flame Moments -- when we re-Cognize You-nity?

* wouldn't the Twin Flame experience need an apparently separate reference point (e.g. ego) in order to know Bliss? ..in other words, would Light Know HerSelf, if there were no such thing as darkness?

* can a Twin Flame Moment happen with a stranger, a painting, a flow-er, or a song?

* can Love ever be wrong?

note: for a great energy-anatomy artbook, check out "sacred mirrors" by alex grey. ..some of his work is viewable at this link alex grey. ..check out the pic called "works and sacred mirrors." ..i think it's the first pic on the second row. ..Bliss, baby.

the graphic ("something fishy") for this post is a picture of a painting that captivated me, in the town of la fortuna, costa rica (2008).

Monday, March 30, 2009

wish you were here, II


more on "buttons"

it's an interesting phenomenon when those who are closest to us most are the very ones who know exactly how to push our buttons.

the "pushee" normally states something like:

"that blankety-blank knows just how to push my buttons!"

what if a pushee re-worded that phrase, as follows:

"that beautiful soul has paid so much attention to me that
s/he knows exactly where my buttons are, and s/he knows exactly how hard to push!

s/he helps me remember that my buttons are quite large,
and i can now see how my buttons "button me up.

if i can reduce the size of any button, i'll become more and more free from
the negative emotions that arise when my button is pushed.

in fact, a person who pushes my buttons is an angel in disguise,
providing me with valuable information as to how to become more free."


maybe someday we'll all be able to unbutton our shirts and dance, heart-to-heart, with freedom of expression and embrace.

isn't it about time wIe un-button?


i-ronic Dance

i-ronic Dance

the Dance of life is both poetic and ironic. ..the more that you put yourself out on the dancefloor, the more likely you are to:

  1. dance the night away, and
  2. get your toes stepped upon

this post is designed to explain #2, and to describe how “getting stepped on” can actually be a G∞d thing.

fun-fact: when you get out of your own comfort zone and join the Dance, you open yourself up to a plethora of interesting opportunities. ..when you’re “out there,” you provide others with a golden opportunity to join the fun. ..at times, people will join in a negative manner, which might manifest as judgment, criticism, anger, gossip, ect.

it is important to note that, at a sub-conscious level, a negative person is one who is in some kind of pain or misery. ..s/he simply wants company.

since you are “out there” on the dancefloor of life, you welcome him/her to share the bad dance moves along with the good ones. ..when a person is in a painful, restricted, negative place, they can only dance as well as their bodymind allows at that present moment. ..for that moment in time, s/he is behaving as a “bad dancer.”

fun-fact, too: there is no such thing as a “bad dancer.” ..there are only Perfect Dancers who sometimes make missteps.


when s/he steps on your toes, it’s important to note that s/he, in a weird kind of way, is simply making an attempt to connect. ..this can happen during a time when s/he feels a deeeeep sense of disconnection.

interestingly enough, the people who love you the most can “dance badly” with you, because they know you well enough to know how to engage you. ..they "know" your buttons, and they know exactly where & how to push each one. ..other “bad dancers” might show up as total strangers who will go to extreme lengths to get your undivided attention.

the important point is this: when s/he criticizes, ignores, projects, displays anger, or talks behind your back, s/he is saying a lot more about him/herself than s/he is saying about you.

when s/he is projecting, what s/he is (Really) saying is:

“i’m in soooo much pain, and i don’t know how to connect.

i feel soooo unloved, and all i want is to feel loved and touched in some way.

in this sad state, i’m going to use any technique, however cruel, to get someone to pay attention to me. although it might appear as if i’m confident, secure and mean…

…the simple truth is that i’m feeling completely insecure and unloved at this moment.”


how can negative projections be Good?

  1. negative projections allow a person who is in pain an opportunity to connect.
  2. negative projections allow that person to (later) reflect upon his/her actions, and to come to the conclusion that “there must be a better way to connect.”
  3. negative projections allow the receiver (a) to evaluate his/her own thought-behavior in an effort to understand why s/he chose to get out on that part of the dancefloor, and (b) to for-give.
  4. if we can survive the bad dance moves, and if we can continue dancing, we often find that we begin can move “in synch” with virtually anyone.
  5. even if we never dance with that particular person again, s/he will have provided us with the opportunity to become a better dancer.

when our toes get stepped upon, we have choices:

  • quit dancing, forever, or
  • step on other people’s toes in an effort to connect, or
  • choose a different dance hall, next time, or
  • become more observant, in regard to dance-partner choices, or
  • dance on!

the G∞d news is that, even if we choose to take a negative approach toward dancing, the eventual pain will lead us to trying more positive approaches, because:

bad dancers don’t get to dance as often,

and they don’t have any fun when they do-Be-do.

so... if we choose to play cindarella and “go to the ball” (hint, hint: if you’re here, you have), then the eventual outcome is Harmony.

it’s a fail-safe system.

excuse me… may we have this Dance?

: )


the magic has begun...

alternative title: lahla land, II

the magic has begun...

…and i (for the Life of me), cannot even begin to think about trying to make a futile attempt at describing It.

don't mix water with tea

don’t mix water with tea
note: the pictures in this post were taken the day after the incident.

alternative title:watch out for that first step, it’s a dooooooozie!” –by fred to phil (played by bill murray) in the movie “groundhog day.”
alternative title: no beer, no wine, big problems

by lenny martieau, lmt, c.l.u.t.z.

you already know how this story is going to end, but here goes:

okay, so it’s the night before the big workshop, and yours truly decides that he’s gonna hit the hay early. .. it’s important to note that, although the beer, wine, and coconut drinks were flowing for those who had just arrived in paradise, lenny didn’t even have so much as a sip of anything but several glasses of water and a few cups of tea. ..you know, when in pura vida… be pura (sort of).

later, back at my palace…

after brushing my teeth, i turned off the bathroom light, which made me suddenly aware that i was in pitch blackness (pura vida isn’t big on nasty outdoor night lights).

knowing that i’m residing in a “tri-level,” the first thing i said to myself was “i am not going to fall down those stairs.
(yes, the law of attraction works, even in the negative)

so i slooooowly glide to the edge of the first stair, confident that i’d be able to negotiate the 6-inches down to the next step. ..leading with my left foot, i even slid my heel down along the vertical part of the tile, just to be safe.

what i failed to remember was that these are “mod” stairways, and that the "stairway" portion doesn’t go all the way to the wall (translation: right next to the steps, there's a two-foot drop-off). when you expect a stair that ain’t there, your whole world changes in a flash. ..the foot on the top step experiences a state of imbalance, and, oh well…

to make a long story short-er, i spun on the way down, and used my arm to smash the wall at the same time as another part of my body crashed onto the floor. ..imagine lenny, below, in that little corner next to the end table (dazed & confused).

no… it gets worse. ..my arm collided the wall-mirror, which hangs by one, solitary nail, and so the mirror is now swinging wildly from side-to-side, on the wall. it’s making a sound like “shhhhhhk, shhhhhk, shhhhhk.” mind you, i can’t see into the mirror (thank goodness), but i know what the next sound is going to be…



1. you’ve fallen and you can’t get up, but you don’t have an emergency bracelet or pura vidan 911 access.

2. and even though there was no one there to see you fall, you’re a rhode islander, so you look around (in the pitch black) just to see if anybody saw you fall. ..think snow & ice -- and you'll get the idea.

3. you check-in with yourself, just to make sure that you’re alright (toes wiggle? check. ..fingers move? check. ..pain? ..not much, really).

4. you are sitting there, in the dark, laughing at your silly self and thinking “that did not just happen.”

5. so... you landed in a semi-seated position, and the “shhhhk, shhhhk, shhhhk” of the mirror is just out of your reach. ..it hasn't fallen... yet.

6. you wonder: “how am i going to explain a shattered mirror to the pura vida staff?

"oh, excuse' senorita lolita,

lenny had a bad hair day and took it out on the mirror?”

7. anyhow… you pry yourself up, and you stop the mirror’s back-and-forth dance (thank God). ..your first (standing) thought is: “i am not going to blog this! ..never tell a soul. ..no one ever needs to know.”
unfortunately, when your next-door neighbors and l.m.t. success group founders (paul & harvey) see you the next morning at kila hall, the first thing that harvey says is not “good morning.” ..he looks at you a little squinty-eyed and says “did you fall down the stairs last night?

busted (in more ways than one).

zen thai 101

below: zen thai's founder, martin misenhimer. .. sorry ladies, dude is married (to beth, who you've seen in this blog's thailand posts).

below: typical classroom setup. ..notice all of the pillows and blankets. ..we take your comfort seriously!

typical learning points.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the view from my bed

day 2: a panoramic view



Saturday, March 28, 2009

the vida of riley

yes, this place is waaaaaaaaaay into relaxation. .....and waaaaaaaaay out of my league. :)


hammocks: who would have guessed?

housing (you've already seen the tentelos)

outdoor hot tub

classrooms for yoga/massage

my classroom for the week: shanti hall (shanti means "goddess")

dining area

today's breakfast: scrambled eggs, pancakes with yogurt & nuts; fruit bowl (papaya, pinapple, watermellon, yogurt, granola); multigrain toast with butter or a variety of jellies; orange juice, watermellon juice, water.

let the magic begin, baby!

pura vidaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

the room
(i won't have a roomate 'till tuesday, and then only for a couple of days)

the bathroom
(not only is there hot, hot water, but -- claudia, you'd love this --
water pressure is fantastic!). ..

can you say "good... ...water pressure?"

the welcome basket that was delivered, 3 minutes after i got in my room
(fruit [banana, papaya, apple, and a few other fruits that i didn't recognize],
, snacks)

the view (in the panoramic fashion that you've come to expect, on this blog)



pura vida!

* note: the title of this post was brought to you by austin powers, international man of mystory.


jasmine, by any other name...

the story:

i got dropped off at the airport via taxi by juan-jose (who drives taxis -- but also doubles as le spanish teacher de lenny). ..he gently placed my large backpack down next to my future wife, "jasmina." ..the ensuing conversation went like this:

lenny (smiling): hola!
jasmina (smiling): buenos dias!

lenny: habla ingles?
jasmina: uh... no, un poco, no...

lenny: hablo un poco, poco, poco, poco espanol

jasmina: te llama?
lenny: me llamo "lenny" ...y tu?

jasmina: "jasmina"

(we shake hands and smile again)

the remainder of our conversation was a weird combination of bad/good english/spanish, facial expressions, hand signals and body language.

to be honest, we couldn't understand anything that each other was trying to communicate. ..at some point, we took each others' picture.

when "carlos" (my pura vida ride) showed-up, it was (sadly) time to, how do you say "departe'."

so, i did what any obnoxious american would do:

i hugged her goodbye, handed her my card, and said, quote: "hasta luego!"


never (again)

the next time that my ego passes judgment on someone who is out there, in the middle of a city park, practicing tai chiqi gong or yoga...

...i'm going to have to pull out the mirror.

never again will i think weird thoughts about that person :)

yes, ladies and germs, just yesterday your boy went out there and got yogistic on the grass of parque nationale.

below: my yoga mat

below: boat pose (from a personal perspective)


so, the next time you see someone hugging a tree at your local parque, think:

"someday, that could be me"
(or not)