Tuesday, February 24, 2009

YOU are Perfect, exactly as you are

how can i say "you're Perfect!"??

as a flawed, mistake-prone humanoid, how can anyone ever say that any of us is "Perfect"?

using 1 + 1 = 2 theory...

1. assuming, as wayne dyer says, that the Uni-Verse is a Perfect One-Song, and
1. assuming, as A Course In Miracles says, that "Forgiveness" is the Highest form of Love that can be demonstrated (here on earth), then
2. every, single mistake that you've ever made has been nothing less than an opportunity for someone else to practice Forgiveness.

chances are that your whole life has been sprinkled with "mistakes." ..little did you know that you were just being your Perfectly Love-ing Self, giving others ample opportunity to be their Perfectly Loving selves.

note: even if the mistakes that we make don't involve another person, our mistakes still provide us with the opportunity to Forgive ourselves.

(it's a fail-safe system)

only a Perfect Source could create such a Perfect system.


  1. Glad to be of inspiration , keep writing ,love britta

  2. Thanks, Britta!

    Your comment had me laughing and smiling and thinking at the Same time (which isn't possible).
    Good one!