Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the Whole is equal to the (some) of Its parts

in a world of holograms, labyrinths, and paradoxical oppositicality, there are a lot of clues as to the Nature of things.

in a hologram, for example, every "part" of a hologram reflects the Whole image.
this means that the Whole is with-In each (apparent) part.

that means, of Course, is that your Higher Self
(Source, Truth, God, Soul, Uni-Verse -- however you choose to label It)
with-IN you. ..It (literally) Is You.

using the transverse property of equality, we can deduce that...
Source Is Love, then YOU are Love
(in the process of Love-ing).


...okay, time for a time out.

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paradoxical oppositicality, with-In Wholeness:
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* thoet joal martino writes almost exclusively on the topic
* thoet len martineau (me) is obsessed with the topic

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