Friday, February 20, 2009

prana & apana

prana and apana [1]

by chi chi

prana and apana
born on winter's day
opposite yet similar yet prone to battle/play
destined (here) to love and fear in Game of life and death
prana and apana dance and fight (together):


  • prana (to inspire; to take in) and apana (to expire; to release)...

  • these fraternal twins appear to be as opposite as the black and white chess pieces who wage war -- in an effort to mate.

  • without both, we experience what is called an “endgame.”

  • as strange as it may seem, democrats need republicans as much as night needs day.

  • this is the way of the chaotic, symphonic, catabolic, homeostatic… relative world.

[1] martineau, l. (2-3.6-2009). book 65: ‘neau news is G∞d news. © 2009 inspired by the “breathing” sections from “yoga anatomy” by leslie kaminoff. graphic by microsoft clipart.


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