Tuesday, February 24, 2009

out of gas

question: what do you do when you are driving a toyota prius on 485 southbound (charlotte), and you run out of gas at 70 mph?

answer: you get into the low-speed lane, slow down to about 45 mph, and drive (2-3 miles, without gas) to the nearest exit, where you drive until you find a gas station, and then you fill 'er up!

....................................................please do not try this at home.

the story: a car is like the human body. ..there are indicators and warning lights that act as feedback mechanisms to let us know how the thing is running. ..sometimes, in life, we don't pay attention to our gauges.

at 70 mph, it felt like the car just "died" ...except that prii (is that the plural of prius?), well, prii don't die. ..a big, red warning light came on, with a bunch of other crazy-looking yellow lights. ..the cruise-control automatically shut-off, so the car slowed down. ..these subtle hints reminded me to glance at my fuel gauge, and (oooooops!)... "duhhhhhh, it's empty. ..musta run otta gas. ..duhhhh."

being the eternal optimist, i decided to push down on the accelerator. ..to my surprise, she still had power! ..so i asked her (yes... out loud, and in a nice tone) to please take me to a place where i could fill her up. ..i'm happy to report that she complied.

i've since googled the situation, and found that it's not a good idea to drive for too long with no gas, but that the vehicle will get you a few miles (in a pinch, if you really need her to). ..


* picture: toyota prius outside of a beachside cabin, ft. fischer (army camp) n.c.

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