Saturday, February 21, 2009

life is hungry, part 2

the good news about perpetual, insatiable hunger... that we re-Cognize it for what it is (insatiable), thereby releasing us from ever trying to satisfy it.

the suffering isn't in the hunger, it's in the feeling that it might not ever get satisfied. ..once we know that there's no reason to chase "satisfaction," we become Free.

uh, what does that mean... in english?

example: let's say that a spouse thinks that the grass might be a little greener in the yard across the street. ..his insatiable urge to play on that lawn tends to subside when he re-Cognizes that, once he's playing (over there), the grass is going to be greener on the other side of the street. never stops.

when we stop chasing the pot at the end of the unending rainbow, we transform from a "human, doing" to a human Be-ing.

when our very purpose is "to Be," we re-Cognize that we cannot not be Be-ing exactly that which we are meant to Be.

okay... what does that mean?

it means that you, yes YOU... are a perfectly unfolding Flow-er, in a Perfectly Unfolding Mellow-Drama. means that YOU are Perfectly Perfect, just the way you are!

...and It. Is. All. G∞d!

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