Saturday, February 21, 2009

life is hungry, part 1

have you ever felt "empty," or "unsatisfied," or "wanting"?

have you ever wondered "what (on earth) am i doing?," or "why isn't life easier?"

that's hunger. could be thought of as a hunger for life.

plants have it, animals have it.
every living thing (from a rose to a cancer cell)
seeks a better way to survive & thrive & propagate.

have you ever wondered why living things seem so preoccupied with eating & sex?
we have a hunger.

while it would be easy to begrudge our lives, and to focus on how life isn't perfect, we (instead) can re-Cognize that hunger as the One, True signal that we are Alive! ..that hunger, often felt somewhere around our solar plexus, is the longing that motivates a tree to reach for the sun.

no matter what we acquire, no matter where we go, no matter what we experience, the hunger crops up (again and again and again). ..mick jagger might say "i can't get no satisfaction."

another way to look at this phenomenon: a false sense of separate-self (ego), believing that it is separate, can only survive by propagating separating thoughts. ..these thoughts crop up as:

* "i don't have as much as my neighbor..."
* "i'm not as bad as those people on jerry springer"
* "i hope that my team beats your team"
* "the grass is greener, over there."
* "i'd be happy, if only..."

instead of interpreting this hunger feeling as "bad," maybe we can embrace it as a partner who will be with us "till death do us part."

indeed, this marriage between life and its yearning could be thought of as a match made in Heaven.

during this journey, i've felt the feeling often.
mine crops up as "what am i supposed to do?"
sometimes, i get lucky, and i shift perspective...
and i re-Cognize my hunger as Life Itself,
helping me along to the next experience on
this miraculous roller-coaster ride.


  1. Len,

    Very well put - I applaud you for putting into words the feelings and frustrations of myself and others (as well as your own).

    Love you,

  2. JeanBaby...

    Thank you (so, so much) for being able to share this kind of stuff...

    You've GOT to listen to "Outlaw Pete," even though it will break your heart...

    You can get to the YouTube audio now, via my "outlaw pete" post.

    I see you as the Navajo woman, calling out to her rebel lover, and crying "Can you hear me?"

    It breaks my heart as I think about it... but at the Same time... it allows us to Connect with a deeeeeeeeper part of ourselves... and to be grateful for the rebels and outlaws that have graced our lives.