Thursday, February 26, 2009

the journey continues...

for the next month or so, the journey will continue in central america. ..i'll be teaching a thai massage workshop in costa rica (march/april), and will spend some time exploring belize. ..maybe... adventures will happen.

in association with zen thai, culture junkies, and stress-buster escapes, part of my job will be to find new places to schedule as retreat sites. ..if you have any favorite retreat destinations, please let me know.

the loosely-forming stress-buster retreat package is shaping-up as follows:

* you'll go someplace warm, when it's cold
* you'll learn and practice:
  • nutritional & weight modification techniques (10 hrs)
  • yoga with pranayama (10 hrs)
  • meditation (2.5 hours)
  • physical fitness (5-10 hours)
  • chair massage, with thai massage option (2.5 hours-4.5 hours)
  • Happy, Now! workshop/course (6-8 hours)
* you will explore a new country/cities (excursions, shopping)
* you will lose weight and improve appearance
* you will increase self-awareness using sound practices
* you will experience increased wellness

anyway, the costa rica phase of this trip is piecing together, and the belize adventure is up in the air (sort-of). buddy pete lawrence is flying to belize from new jersey for about a week, and dick reinhardt is thinking about meeting us for some fishin', divin', & bikini watchin' (my apologies to pete & dick's girlfriends, jennie & mary laura).

check this out for a foreign country plan: pete and i are (literally) going to meet at (quote) "the airport bar that is closest to baggage claim." ..uh, oh.

my other (gal friends, sisters, brothers) apparently were a little concerned about running around a foreign country with a just backpack & no hotel reservations... plus it is sooooo difficult for people to get away, nowadays. ..waaaa.

if you want to take a last-minute flight, meet me on ambergris key! we used to say at rugby parties, i'll be the guy with the big smile.


  1. Lenny!
    Don't know if you're checking this in C.R. or not. I'm all set for tomorrow. In fact there's a winter storm watch for tomorrow night! I say let's try to get to San Pedro tomorrow. I was also notified by Continental that I got a first class upgrade! Bloody's for breakfast! Cheers bro!


  2. I.m up at 0400, and should be there before you get there!

    It.s 80s here, in Costa Rica.

    Serious internet issues, and the computer is in Spanish, so I haven.t figured out how to make apostrophes.

    The boys will be on the beach tomorrow afternoon!

    Your brother,